Investigate Career Possibilities at Western Oregon University’s Criminal Justice Career Fair

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Western Oregon University students exploring career and internship options should investigate possible leads at the Criminal Justice Career Fair from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Pacific Room at the Werner University Center.

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Western Oregon University’s Criminal Justice Career Fair helps students in all majors investigate career possibilities.

“This career fair is an opportunity for students to find where their passion might fit,” Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Jennifer Moreno said. “Inspiration can come from unlikely places. Students might meet someone who is doing amazing work that they find to be inspirational and that may lead to a career option.”

Criminal Justice Sciences Division Professor and Chair Vivian Aseye Djokotoe said Criminal Justice Day provides opportunities for high school and college students to gain knowledge about the possible careers in the criminal justice system.

“C.J. Day has been in existence for 33 years now, and the C.J. faculty does a tremendous job guiding our students through the job search process, while putting their best foot forward to represent WOU in a way that attracts new students to the program,” Djokotoe said. “Our students regularly make contacts at these events that lead to job offers after graduation.”

Djokotoe said WOU’s Criminal Justice Division is a diverse field of study that prepares students for many career paths beyond law enforcement, which many people tend to assume is the only career in criminal justice.

“Law enforcement is criminal justice, but criminal justice is not only law enforcement,” Djokotoe said. “Criminal justice graduates can find jobs outside the criminal justice system, and we really encourage anybody who is even remotely curious about criminal justice to check out this fair.”

Moreno invites WOU students in all grades and majors to visit with professionals working in multiple disciplines, including juvenile organizations, social services, corrections and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. She added any major could find a career in the criminal justice field.

Two people talking
Western Oregon University’s Criminal Justice Division prepares students for many career paths.

“There are many professionals who value our students, and they want to take time to connect with them,” Moreno said. “I think that speaks to the caliber of our criminal justice program.”

Moreno said the career fair is a fun environment for students to practice talking with professionals, ask questions or explore career possibilities. Students also can learn about internships, job shadow opportunities, cadet programs and more.

“The fair is casual. Students don’t need to dress up,” she said. “They can just stop by and see what the career fair is all about.”

For more than 50 years, Djokotoe said WOU’s criminal justice programs have successfully prepared most of the workers in the criminal justice system in Oregon and beyond.

“It is very normal to visit an agency in Oregon to find that 80% of all the employees are WOU C.J. graduates,” Djokotoe said. “These alumni continue to be the best ambassadors to our program, and they offer excellent connections for students graduating from the criminal justice program for employment purposes.”

Visit Criminal Justice Career Fair for additional information.

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