Interested in Volunteering at AES? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re interested in participating in AES, but are unsure about presenting, volunteering is a great option to get involved with the event. As part of our ongoing feature series on the Academic Excellence Showcase, we spoke with AES Student Representative Chloe Miller about the need for volunteers to ensure the event runs smoothly. 

Miller, who has been a part of the program since her freshman year, serves as “the ‘voice’ of AES. I meet with students in various settings and promote the event via my own person, but I also train the interns and help proofread/edit their work.” 

During the event, the importance of the volunteers is immeasurable: “Without volunteers, every transition, room switch, question and direction would be done by two people: myself and the intern.” Considering that, on average, there are approximately 400 presentations on this day (including presentations, posters, and performances), volunteerism ensures that each session runs smoothly, whilst still remaining on time. 

There are two positions available for volunteers: You can serve as a session aid, who welcome attendees, time presentations, pass out attendance tickets, etc. These volunteers work closely with session chairs to ensure each session runs smoothly and that presentations run according to schedule. You can also serve as a conference aid, who may work the information desk, move furniture, change signs, etc. Conference aids complete vital tasks that ensure the AES conference runs smoothly. 

Volunteers can sign up for shifts. One full shift is equal to three hours, and volunteers can work up to three shifts. Each volunteer who works for one or more full shift is eligible for a certificate of completion, a personalized letter, and/or “surprise swag.” Visit the AES volunteer website for more information about what volunteers can expect to receive. 

Ideally, all volunteers will be signed up by the first week of May, in order for Miller to email all instructions and answer all questions. However, she mentioned, no one who wants to volunteer will be turned away, even during the week of the event. 

Students who are interested in volunteering at the event can email with “volunteer” in the subject line, and more information will be sent their way. Tabling for volunteers will also be done in the WUC, but specific dates have not been released yet. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming articles to learn more about presenting at, volunteering with, or attending the Academic Excellence Showcase.

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