Western Oregon University Has Record-Breaking Giving Day

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Wolfie with a sign about Giving Day
Wolfie would like to thank everyone who donated to Western Oregon University’s Giving Day.

Unprecedented is how Western Oregon University Annual Giving Coordinator Emily Swart described Giving Day on March 3.

“Because we have a great team of alumni, friends, students and employees who truly love WOU, we had a record-breaking day,” Swart said. “I’m grateful to everyone who helped make a difference for WOU students and the university.”

The 24-hour campaign raised $130,082, exceeding the goal of $100,000 and eclipsing last year’s amount of $67,511. The number of donors more than doubled in one year from 188 in 2019 to 466 this year. In 2019, the WOU Foundation received 201 gifts. This year, it received 547.

“I expect the numbers to continue to climb in the next two weeks as we receive donations that were mailed to us, and we will continue to collect the matches made by various groups,” she said. She will provide a final tally in a few weeks.

Swart said the 16 WOU students who called alumni and parents to ask for donations played a tremendous role in the day’s success.

“I wish everyone who donated could talk with our students to hear how much they appreciate the support the university received yesterday,” Swart said. “Beyond making a donation, donors also set an example to our students about what can happen when people come together to achieve a goal.”

Map of the United States
Western Oregon University received donations from 48 states and Saudi Arabia on Giving Day.

There was a total of 16 challenges and matches this year, the most ever in Giving Day’s four-year history. Donations were received from 48 states and Saudi Arabia. Throughout the day, donors stepped up to benefit WOU’s choirs, student groups, scholarships, athletic teams, programs and more.

“It’s truly inspirational to see how many people made a difference to grow WOU,” Swart said. “From the bottom of my heart, thank you to every who worked together to grow WOU to benefit our students.”

If you missed your chance to participate in Giving Day or find yourself still in a giving mood, you can easily make a donation.


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