3 Steps to Commencement

Are you a WOU senior anticipating commencement? Or even a junior planning ahead for that big day? Before you order your cap and gown and walk across that stage, there are a few steps to keep in mind to prepare for graduation.

Firstly, you do not need to be graduating that spring term to attend commencement. If you completed your classes the prior summer, fall, or winter terms, you are eligible. Additionally, if you will be completing your classes the following summer or fall term, you are eligible for commencement. 

Secondly, students must register if they are planning to walk. Those that are eligible will receive an email invitation at the beginning of spring term. Although the registration deadline for this year is May 8th, it is recommended that students send in their application early. 

Finally, the only students that are allowed to attend and walk are those who registered on time. Completing commencement does not equate receiving your degree; if you have credits left to fulfill, you must do so before receiving your official degree.

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