5 Places to Look for Summer Jobs and Internships

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With spring break quickly upon us, it might be time to start looking for summer jobs and internships. With the amount of information on the internet surrounding job hunting, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Thankfully, there are some great resources to make the process a little bit easier (including some right here at WOU). Here’s five quick ways to begin the job/internship hunt. 


Available through the WOU portal, Handshake is the first place you should look for jobs and/or internships. As it is specifically geared toward WOU students, finding the right connection is a breeze. The service is available to both current students and alumni, and users can customize their profile in order to better find the right job or internship. 


Linkedin is another great place for students to search for job or internship opportunities. The site is similar to mainstream social media sites (you can update statuses and share photos) but with an emphasis on the users’ careers. On the site, users can build a virtual network of colleagues, which can greatly increase job and/or internship options. 


Job search sites, like Indeed, are another great resource for job hunters. You can enter keywords and specific locations in order to find the best fit for you. This site does focus more on jobs, but there are some internships posted to the site. 


One of the best ways to secure employment opportunities is by building a large network of connections. At WOU, students have access to faculty members, many of whom are top professionals in their field. Students can chat with professors about potential career/internship options, visit SLCD to learn about the Career Mentoring program, and connect with professionals in their field on social media. SLCD posts about great opportunities on their social media pages, so it would be beneficial to give their Facebook page a follow. 

Informational Interviews and Job Shadows

Once students identify their preferred field, they can perform information interviews and job shadows. An information interview can be with any person in a certain field, and it typically includes questions about what students can expect if they decide to enter the field. A full list of questions to ask can be found on SLCD’s website. Another resource students can utilize is job shadows, which allow students an in-depth look into their preferred field, in order to determine whether or not it is the correct path for them.

With efforts to physically distance ourselves due to COVID-19, people may be willing to do phone calls or video chats in lieu of face-to-face informational interviews.

However you decide to begin the job and internship process, WOU is by your side every step of the way. 


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