Remote Learning at WOU Relies on Moodle

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Adrienne Allardt-Wong is a graduate assistant who works with faculty and students at Western Oregon University.

Western Oregon University graduate assistants Adrienne Allardt-Wong and Kerri Kunda have some helpful advice for students and faculty who are using Moodle for their remote spring term courses. Moodle is a learning management system used by WOU to deliver its remote access courses.

“Just play around in Moodle for a bit, and you’ll get the hang of where things are and how things work,” Kunda said.

Explore Moodle

Both Kunda and Allardt-Wong said Moodle makes it possible for universities to provide remote learning courses for their students.

Without Moodle, Kunda said instructors would have to create their own website or figure out how they’re going to teach without having one place to put their class information.

“Students would have to go to all these different places for each class. Moodle allows all students’ class information to be housed in one spot,” Kunda said.

Kunda said students should know how to use Moodle before they need to submit an assignment.

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Western Oregon University graduate assistant Kerri Kunda provides support to WOU students and faculty using Moodle.

“Each instructor can set up their Moodle page differently,” she said. “For example, one instructor may have students click once to submit their work, while others may have students click twice.”

Allardt-Wong advises students to be patient with themselves as they learn how to use Moodle.

“It takes some practice but it’s relatively easy to use,” she said.

Check Moodle every day

Adrian Trujillo is the bilingual academic success adviser in Western Oregon University’s Student Success and Advising Office.

He advises students to download the Moodle app on their phones so they can check Moodle every day.

“This will keep you aware of any announcements made by the faculty, and the consistent checking will make it difficult to forget you are taking remote access classes.

Ask for help

Both Kunda and Allardt-Wong are eager to assist students or faculty who have reached a roadblock using Moodle.

“If you need help, we’ll work with you to find a solution,” Kunda said.

Students can visit Student FAQ for additional information on using Moodle. For instructors, Allardt-Wong recommends the tutorials in the Faculty and Staff Moodle Support course. Both students and faculty can email for additional information.

“Please provide us with as many details as possible such as your course, the CRN, the specific place you’re having issues and anything else you can think of,” Allardt-Wong said. “Details are a huge help with troubleshooting.”

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