6 Tips to Say Goodbye to Procrastination

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With the switch to remote classes for spring term, it can be easy for students to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done. Unfortunately, with this comes every college student’s greatest enemy: procrastination. However, with a few key tricks, it’s easy to overcome the temptation of putting off work. Here’s six tips to say goodbye to procrastination and effectively manage online classes. 


Use a daily planner

Write down every assignment due date and schedule a specific time to get it done. You can keep this in an online format, like a Google calendar, or use a physical planner where you can use fun colors to emphasize certain entries. Schedule anything you have to do: assignments, class times, meetings, etc. 

Talk to your professors

If you find that you don’t understand a topic or there is any confusion about what to do, talk to your professor! Professors hold office hours specifically for students to ask questions and discuss class content, so it’s an easy way to get clarification on an assignment. For spring term, office hours are likely held via email or a videoconferencing software like Zoom. Reach out to avoid getting behind in a class. 

Enlist friends or classmates to hold you accountable

Tell friends, family, classmates, etc. when your important due dates are, and ask them to check in with you occasionally. This way, you have people to support you, motivate you, and ensure that you remain on task. 

Utilize campus resources

At WOU, we have many organizations completely dedicated to helping students. Struggling to start an essay? Get help from the Writing Center. Can’t solve that math problem? Check out the Math Center. We also have a wonderful Tutoring Program where you can schedule one-on-one sessions to receive help with the specific class. Student Success and Advising is offering virtual tutoring appointments for spring term. Visit their website for more information. 

Don’t schedule too much

A big reason why students tend to procrastinate is that they find themselves doing too much, and they don’t know where to start. Make sure you’re only committing to things you know you can handle, and that you schedule time to relax. As for school work- talk to your professors if it’s too much to handle. 

Check-in with yourself

It’s important to check-in with yourself every once in a while, making sure that you are handling everything you have to do. Are you feeling well mentally, emotionally, and physically? Are you eating well? Are you handling your classes and assignments well? Develop a set of questions to ask yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed, which may help you solve the problem. 


With these tips in mind, you can be sure to defeat procrastination’s temptation and manage your time wisely. 

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