An Inspirational Day for Western Oregon University

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Your monumental support of Western Oregon University’s 2020 Giving Day was absolutely amazing!

Thanks to your belief in WOU students and programs, we all witnessed what happens when Wolves work together to make a dream become a reality.

Because of you, Giving Day raised a record-breaking $140,629, exceeding the goal of $100,000 and more than doubling last year’s total amount. The number of donors nearly tripled from 188 in 2019 to 484 this year.

For Giving Day 2019, the WOU Foundation received 201 gifts. This year, you gave 569 gifts.

“On Giving Day, you showed our students and campus community that dreaming wasn’t enough,” Western Oregon University Annual Giving Coordinator Emily Swart said. “Your support of Giving Day revealed that WOU students and programs truly matter and that they matter in the amount of more t

Wolfie with a sign about Giving Day
Wolfie would like to thank everyone who donated to Western Oregon University’s Giving Day.

han $140,000.”

Swart said it would be impossible to list every inspirational moment on Giving Day. She’s grateful to everyone who gave a gift, shared information about Giving Day on social media or answered their phone to talk with a student.

“One of the coolest moments was seeing everyone on campus work together to receive a donation from every state. We had people calling their friends and family from Hawaii to Maine asking them to donate to WOU. We succeeded in getting 48 out of 50 states plus donations from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Washington, D.C.,” Swart said. “We are still seeking donations from North Dakota and Delaware, so if you know someone, ask them to donate.”

There were seven official challenges and eight matches, the most ever in Giving Day’s history. On-campus funds and programs benefiting from these challenges and matches include 25 scholarships and 13 athletic, 27 student and 14 academic programs.

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank WOU alumni, faculty, staff, cabinet members, students and our community members for your work to help us exceed our goal,” Swart said. “Together, we did it!”


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