Connect with Friends While Physical Distancing

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During this time of physical distancing, it can be difficult to feel connected with your friends. Without the option to connect in person, friendships can feel particularly strained. However, we have many options to stay connected with friends while still adhering to physical distancing guidelines. Here’s some of the best options: 

Video Chatting

This method is used frequently, and allows users to actually see who they’re talking to, rather than just hearing their voice or reading their words. It’s not quite the same as face-to-face interaction, but it is a great substitute during these times. Encourage your friends to make a cup of coffee or tea and plan a makeshift coffee date. You can even sit down to dinner together! There’s a plethora of different video chatting software on the market, and some of the most popular include Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, and FaceTime. 

Online games 

We might not be able to have in-person game nights right now, but luckily there are many options to play fun games remotely. For free games, check out Playing Cards, which grants multiple users access to the same screen. Games available include crazy eights, checkers, go fish, match up, and Remote Insensitivity (similar to Cards Against Humanity). Another free option is to have friends make personalized Kahoot quizzes, and then share them via a video chatting software. Users can compete against one another to see who knows the most about a topic. For paid games, Jackbox Party Pack has a great variety of fun games that can be played remotely. 

Mailing Letters 

Sometimes it’s best to go old school when trying to stay connected with friends. Sitting down and writing a letter can be incredibly personal, and it’s sure to be something the recipient cherishes. Physically writing a letter allows you to showcase personality: use fun stationary, draw in the margins, use scissors to cut it into creative shapes, however you want to express yourself. 

Watching and Discussing Movies and Television

Unfortunately, we can’t head to the Independence Cinema to catch a movie. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t watch the newest release on a streaming service and connect with friends. Coordinate with friends to start the movie at the same time and discuss the events afterward. 

Virtual Book Clubs

If possible, get together with friends and start a virtual book club. It can be a physical copy (and now is a great time to support local bookstores) or an ebook and each member can read at their own pace, and then hold recurring meetings to discuss the content of the book. This is a great way to finish any books you might be putting off while strengthening connections between friends. 

However you choose to stay connected, WOU is here for you. Make sure to follow @wounews on social media to stay up to date with what’s happening at WOU and connect with fellow Wolves!

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