WOU Department Feature: Cashier’s Office

WOU cashiers, Katie Rupp and Megan Blankenship pose in two cashier's windows. Above them is a sign which reads "Cashiers."

As part of our department feature series, we spoke with the Cashier’s Office to better understand what the department does and how they assist the WOU community. Head Cashier Katie Rupp let us know more about the department and how they strive to meet the needs of students, staff and faculty, and the larger campus community. 

What are the most frequently asked questions you get about your department?

  • Can I pick up my parking pass here? Parking passes are attained at Public Safety. However, if you need a day pass or guest pass we can assist you with that.
  • Can I pay here with a card?  We do have an iPad that we can set up for you so you are able to pay with a card. You will be charged a 2% service charge though for using a card. It is the same system that you would use either on your phone or on a computer. If you would like to avoid that charge then we accept cash or check here at the counter or you can use a checking account online and will not receive the fee.

What does your department do/ what are your services?

We process all sorts of payments. Whether it be directly to the students account or payments brought to us from departments from all over campus. We handle all of it. We are a branch of the Business Office so we can also assist in answering your account questions or directing you to whoever you may be needing to see.

Who do you serve on campus?

We serve any and all people of WOU. Whether you go to school here, work here, teach here or are visiting here….we can help you.

How has your department grown over the years/recently?

As a whole, we are always looking for ways to improve. While we have not grown, we have blossomed with the arrival of Megan back in August 2019.

What’s something people misunderstand about what you do?

Sometimes there is confusion when it comes to Financial Aid and a students account. We can only view what has been applied to a students account. If you have any other questions about where your Financial Aid is or anything else Financial Aid related, you will need to go see their office which is located in the same building as us. They are just upstairs on the third floor.

Where are you located?

The Cashier’s Office is located on the first floor of the Administration Building. We are the windows on the left hand side when you enter through the front door.

What are your office hours?

The Cashiers office is currently only open for business Mon-Fri from 11-12.  The Administration building is open from 9-12 but our windows will only be open from 11-12. We do have a drop box on our counter and envelopes if you are needing to drop off a payment during the time that our window is not open. We are also always available by email or by phone. Both of which are located online under Business Services. 


In adherence to social distancing measures, students are encouraged to utilize online options. Payments on student accounts can be made online via the WOU portal using a checking account or a card. If you have any questions, the Cashier’s Office is available at cashiers@wou.edu, or at 503-838-8291 (Katie Rupp) or 503-838-8284 (Megan Blankenship). More information is also available online. 

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