WOU Department Feature: Disability Services Office

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Although the office is currently closed to in-person visits, ODS staff are still available to students during their usual hours through phone, email, and Google Hangouts. For a complete list of where/how to contact ODS, visit their website.

We’re continuing our department feature series with the Disability Services Office (ODS). We talked to Assistant Director Rian Gayle to better understand what the department does and how they assist the WOU community.

What are the most frequently asked questions you get about your department?
The two most commonly asked questions include: students with short term disability seeking accommodations and the type of documentation needed. ODS serves students with documented long-term disability but can work with students with short-term disability, in some cases. ODS requires official documentation from the student’s disability-related provider (i.e. physician, audiologist, psychologist, licensed professional counselor). We also accept IEP or a 504 plan from the student’s high school as documentation, if it contains necessary information to make a determination.

What does your department do/what are your services?
The Office of Disability Services provides disability-related accommodations on campus, in and outside of the classroom. Some services we provide include but are not limited to: extra time and quiet location for exams, note-taking support, sign language interpreting services, and transcribing services.

Who do you serve on campus?
We serve WOU students with documented disabilities and community members attending open events.

How has your department grown over the years/recently?
We have grown by branching out in the type of services we specialize in and by having a wider involvement with accessibility-related teams and projects on campus.

What’s something people misunderstand about what you do?
A common misunderstanding is that we provide transportation for persons needing it due to disability-related barriers. We don’t, but there is Wolf Ride, which is not under our office. Wolf Ride provides transportation to WOU students at specific times and locations. You can find more information about WolfRide here.

Where are you located?
Academic Programs and Support Center (APSC) room 405.

What are your office hours?
Our main office is open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The ODS Testing Center, which is available to students approved for testing-related accommodations, is available for scheduled exams Monday through Friday.

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