Grad Profile: Sean Tellvik

Sean Tellvik is a graduating English major, with a concentration in Writing and a minor in Humanities. He is from Hillsboro, Ore., and has served an active part of our community through clubs, sub-communities, and working as a tutor at the Writing Center. We interviewed him on his most notable experiences from his years here at WOU.


Why did you choose WOU? 

I chose WOU because I wanted to stay in Oregon for college, and I liked the overall size of classes and atmosphere of campus. Since I came to study writing and literature, I knew it would be better to have smaller classes for engaging discussion. Having more opportunities to get to know professors and classmates has helped create engaging, insightful classes I’ll never forget.


Are you an honors student? What has your experience been like? 

I am an honors student, and I have loved the opportunities it has led me to. I lived in the Honors Hall my first two years at WOU and made some of my closest friends there. I like how the classes feel more personal and tight-knit as you go through the program, because you have classes with so many of the same people. And of course, Gavin Keulks as our director means we have someone who’s always looking out for us.


Student sitting at the edge of a fountain under warm daylight, leaning forward slightly as he smiles at the camera.
Sean Tellvik

What has been your most memorable class? 

One of my most memorable classes was the Advanced Poetry Workshop I took in my sophomore year. Sharing vulnerable writing with a class of about ten people taught me many important lessons about the creative process and thoughtful peer feedback. Plus, we had one of our classes in the Grove, and people brought their adorable dogs!


What has been your favorite annual event at WOU? Why? 

My favorite annual events would have to be both Drag Show and Earth Fair, for very different reasons. Drag Show is so much fun, and it’s empowering to see people embracing who they are and showing off months of hard work. And for Earth Fair, I appreciate all the hard work Green Team and hall government puts into the event to help people get excited about taking care of the environment—that’s something that’s always important, and it should be celebrated.


What have some of your extracurriculars been? How did those impact your time on campus?

One of my most meaningful experiences at WOU has been working at the Writing Center for the last year. I’ve met so many amazing students and tutors through working there, plus we have wonderfully supportive staff who I’m constantly grateful for. I don’t think students always realize when they come in for a tutoring session, but we learn just as much from our students as we hope they learn from us. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the Writing Center. I have also been part of WOU’s Triangle Alliance, a club that has helped me learn more about who I am, and I have worked on the Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion grant, whose work I find to be important to raise more conversations about mental health around campus.


What was your most visited spot on campus?  

My most visited spot on campus (besides the Writing Center) would have to be the cross country field. My on-campus apartment overlooked that view, so I’m pretty partial to it. Between beautiful sunsets, stargazing, and adventures with friends, there’s nothing else like it. 


What is your favorite building on campus? 

My favorite building on campus is probably Rice Auditorium. I remember I didn’t even know it was there for the first two months or so of being at WOU. I like how it’s kind of tucked away, and I mostly got to see it on special occasions, so it has good associations that way. I love theatre, so I’ve tried to see every production WOU has put on in my time. There’s just a feeling about being in an auditorium that I’ve always loved.


What is the biggest lesson you have learned throughout your time here? 

My biggest lesson at WOU has been to always be open to new opportunities and interactions. Sometimes taking a chance on a new experience will lead you to a life-changing moment or someone who will become a best friend.

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