Western Oregon University prepares for Polk County’s phase one reopening

With Polk County’s approval to begin phase one reopening on May 22, Western Oregon University (WOU) will not immediately see a change to day-to-day practices that are currently in place.

Phase one does not allow in-person classes, the gathering of large groups, or the reopening of campus to the public. Students will continue remote learning as they have all term, and employees will continue working at the location directed by their supervisors and consistent with Executive Orders 20-12 and 20-17. Also, WOU’s summer classes are entirely online and the annual Commencement ceremony will be held in a virtual format on June 13 at 10 a.m.

“I appreciate everyone’s patience and perseverance through spring term, and I am heartened that the light at the end of the tunnel may have been switched on,” President Rex Fuller said. “Once again, the dedication of our WOU community to student achievement inspires me, and this unprecedented time has proven that together we succeed.”

With phase one lasting a minimum of 21 days, the current academic year will be over before Polk County has the opportunity to move into phase two. WOU will continue planning for fall and being in phase one allows the university to prepare using a more focused set of scenarios.

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