Grad Profile: Susiele Koga Truong

WOU graduate Susiele Koga Truong smiles in front of a railing.She is wearing a blue striped jumpsuit and a light wash denim jacket. She is holding an iced coffee and there is lush greenery behind her.

Susiele Koga Truong is a first-generation graduating student from Wailuku, Maui. She is a Community Health Education major, with a minor in Human Biology.


Are you a first-generation student? What has your experience been like?
Yes, I’m a first-generation student and my experience through college has been eye opening and not only an experience for learning, but also personal growth.


Why did you choose WOU?
Initially, I chose WOU because of its location and affordability. I also chose WOU because of its diversity. What drew me the most was the class size and small town vibes. I felt that I was able to connect with my professors and colleagues on a more personal level.


What has been your most memorable class?
My most memorable class was Human Sexuality with Amy Hammermeister.


What has been your favorite annual event at WOU?
Holiday Tree Lighting is always such a magical event, however going to WOU Mania and all the spring events has got to be my favorite thing to do with friends. I look forward to spring events every year because it gets sunny and it’s fun seeing students chilling outside with their hammocks, flying frisbees and playing volleyball. Homecoming is also my favorite annual event because I get to participate in the powder puff flag football game with my closest friends.

WOU grad Susiele Koga Truong smiles in her red cap and gown. She is wearing a black and white dress underneath, with a white stole around her neck and an orange flower in her hair.
Susiele Koga Truong smiles in her cap and gown


What have some of your extracurriculars been?
For clubs, I was a member of Hawaii Club and I really enjoyed participating in Lūʻau every year. I think Hawaii club is so important because it’s a place for Hawaii kids to feel at home and have a place to develop friendships.
I did my internship at the Student Health and Counseling Center within the Health Promotion department. My experience impacted my career interests in public health. I really enjoyed the education aspect of reaching out to college students and providing information about the different realms of health.
I also became a Peer Mentor this year and I really enjoyed being a role model to first year students. This job enhanced my leadership skills and allowed me to apply them in any sort of situation.


Do you have any advice for current and prospective students?
Go to as many WOU campus events put on by ASWOU, RAs, Peer Mentors etc! You won’t regret it! It’s fun and you will learn something out of it as well. And plus there’s always free food and fun games! It’s never lame to participate in campus activities! You’re only in college for a short period of your young adulthood, make the best of it!


What is the biggest lesson you have learned throughout your time at WOU?
The biggest lesson I learned throughout my time at WOU is that in order to grow you have to do things out of your comfort zone. Never doubt yourself.


What has been the highlight of your time at WOU?
The highlight of my time at WOU has been the friendships I’ve built over my four years attending college.


Who stands out from your time at WOU?
It’s hard to pick one professor, so I would like to shout out the Community Health Education department for having such an awesome and caring staff.


What was your most visited spot on campus? 
The Health and Wellness Center and the intramural fields. I’d typically go to workout, play basketball and volleyball with friends, and watch IM games as well as participate in some.


What is your favorite building on campus? 
Richard Woodcock Education Center. It’s the home of my major! but also the egg shaped chairs have got to be my favorite part of the building.


What do you love most about the major/minors you completed?
I love the outlook of life that Community Health Education has given me. I feel that it broadened my knowledge of health care which is what I want a career in.


What has been your biggest achievement, success or accomplishment in college?
Being awarded WOU HEXS Outstanding Student Recognition. I am proud of this award because it means so much coming from the Community Health Education department.


Did you have any funny mishaps or moments of confusion when you first started at WOU?
I’d never visited campus, nor did I get a campus tour, so I have gotten lost many times but I eventually found my way around.

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  1. With her enthusiasm, skill, and smarts, Susiele is going to be the type of health care practitioner that we so desparately need in our communities. Congratulations!

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