Grad Profile: Kayli Smith

Kayli Smith is an art major with a concentration in ceramics, as well as a minor in art history. Her hometown is Dallas, Ore. As a 2020 graduate, we interviewed Smith about her experience at WOU and her future plans.


Why did you choose WOU? 

Ceramics has always been a class that I felt the most welcome in and was a place where I felt like I belonged. My ceramics teacher in high school inspired me so much and always supported me, and was just such a wonderful, kind person. She is a WOU alumni, and she always talked highly of WOU and her time there, and that inspired me to pursue an education here. 


What has been your most memorable class? 

My most memorable class is definitely my ceramics classes. For everything that I learned and how much I grew, but also for the enormous amounts of time I spent in the studio.


Who stands out from your time at WOU? 

Mary Harden, my ceramics professor and advisor, has made such a big impact on my life in the best way. She is such an inspiration and always has such insightful words of wisdom to impart but never fails to surprise you with how funny she is. She is a genuine joy to be around.


Student sitting on stone barrier in an orange dress, smiling at the camera.
Kayli Smith

What is your favorite building on campus? Why? 

Campbell Hall is my favorite building. Every time I walk in that building, there is always some kind of art waiting to greet you. It’s all over the walls, the bathrooms, the elevators; it’s just everywhere. There is always someone in the building at all hours of the night, and it just envelopes you in creativity and life. 


What has been the highlight of your time here? 

The highlight of my college career has been growing a community of artists that I have become close with, whom I look up to and admire, as well as work alongside with. 


What will you miss the most about WOU? 

I will miss the constant support of my professors and peers the most. Whenever I was in a tough spot, there was always somebody to help me out of it.


What has been your biggest achievement, success or accomplishment in college?

This spring I was nominated to present in the Academic Excellence Showcase, which is one of the highest honors you can receive as an art student.


What are your plans for after graduation? 

I plan to pursue ceramic residency programs and start to hold community art classes that locals can attend, in hopes of starting my own community art studio one day.

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