Live Q&A Summary: June 18

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WOU has been hosting weekly live Q&A sessions for current and incoming students on our Instagram and Facebook accounts every Thursday at 10 a.m. since March. For summer, we’re shifting to every other week and will be posting summaries of common questions during our off weeks.


Will classes be online in fall?

The majority of courses will be in-person. Our class schedule shows the method of delivery for each class (in-person, hybrid or online). There will be no in-person classes after Nov. 25 (i.e., for week 10 and finals week), which is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. In-person classes will operate remotely for week 10 and finals. For hybrid classes, the online component will stop at Nov. 25 and will meet online for week 10 and finals.


Why are in-person classes only meeting until Nov. 25?
We have heard from many students who want the opportunity for an in-person experience this fall, but we also understand there are safety risks. Our goal is to balance safety and the educational experience as top priorities. This decision was made to minimize potential impact of students returning home for Thanksgiving break and possibly bringing the virus back to campus, risk it spreading, and then students returning to their home communities for winter break. Other public universities in the state have made a similar decision to cease in-person class meetings at that point in the term.


What will on-campus housing look like in the fall?
We’re planning to have one person per room, unless people request specific roommates (doubles are limited). We’ll also have students in our Arbor Park apartments with one person per room. Students who live on campus are welcome to stay in the residence halls beyond Nov. 25, through prep and finals weeks. You can view the new rates here.


Will winter and spring terms be online?

At this time, winter and spring terms are planned to be offered as normal. If that changes, we’ll be sure to announce that quickly and widely. We are subject to guidance and requirements from the governor and Oregon Health Authority. The course delivery method for each class will be on the class schedules for those terms.


When do incoming students register for classes?

If you didn’t register for SOAR (held online June 23-25), you can contact our Student Success and Advising office to make an appointment with an adviser to register for fall. Email or call 503-838-8428.

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