Alumni Profile: Kelsee Coito

Kelsee Coito graduated from WOU in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Business. Coito is originally from Mililani, Hawaii, but currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, working as a Marketing Ambassador for Topgolf.


Why did you choose WOU?

I originally chose WOU for the cheerleading program. 


What advice do you have for future or current Wolves about life after college?

After college, your whole life changes again, but just remember, never stop learning. Use your college experience and skills to aid you in every single job, even if it [doesn’t] require your degree.

Alumni smiling at camera, stood in front of a blank wall.
Kelsee Coito


Any advice for students who are moving out of state for a job?

Reach for the stars! I’ll be honest, I had a job lined up in Portland and had it all planned. It wasn’t up until three weeks before I graduated, I decided to move to Vegas. Although I didn’t end up where I planned to be, I earned a job with my degree, and I am so happy I took the risk. 


Do you have any meaningful anecdotes about professors or experiences you had at WOU?

I have so many! I enjoyed my classes, although they were tough at times. I had the best professors to learn from. As you get closer to graduating, you find yourself in courses with the same professors and classmates; take advantage of the help surrounding you. After all, you are in this together! 

P.S. The pub was my second home in senior year! And yes, I still got my work done with all A’s. Enjoy every experience. 


What are your hobbies outside of your career?

I love to golf and travel!


How has your WOU degree shaped your career path? 

It allowed me to apply for a job that required my degree; only one person was able to be hired for the position. I stood out because of my degree and the many skills I had taken on while in college.


Out of all the opportunities that have arisen, why did you choose your current employer?

I started out thinking I knew exactly the area of marketing I’d get a job in. It didn’t work out as I planned simply because it wasn’t what I thought it would be (back-of-house office kind of job). However, I ended up in marketing and promotions–very much a people-oriented job. I have the ability to make more money, and have fun doing it! It’s really what my company values most. I turned out to absolutely love it, and I have been in my position for one and a half years now. 


What do you wish you knew before you graduated?

I wish I had planned sooner and more realistically. Senior year seemed to fly by! I had gone through so many things in my last year and really wish I had sat and thought about post-college life more (living situation/explored more job opportunities).


How have you stayed connected to WOU, post-graduation? 

I have tried to! I will never forget the school and place that taught me so many things. 


Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 10 years? 

Five years: Management position in social media marketing

10 years: Marketing Director of a well-known company

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