Prospective Students: Check Out WOU’s Campus

The side of historic Todd Hall, a brick building, bathed in late afternoon sunlight.

One of the best things about visiting WOU is getting to see the beautiful campus in different seasons. In fall, the leaves start to change and drape the streets in rich orange, gold, and brown tones. In winter, if we’re lucky, the streets will get a dusting of snow, blanketing the roofs of WOU’s buildings, and softening the noises that surround us. In spring, when the flowers start to bloom, visitors are met with bright pinks and purples, and you can catch a whiff of delicious floral scents as you walk past. In the summer, when the days are longer and the temperatures are higher, the sun beams down on WOU, highlighting the mesmerizing architecture and bouncing off sculptures. WOU’s campus is one-of-a-kind, and even if physically visiting the campus is tough right now, you can still experience the beauty. Here’s how: 

Virtual tours: Perhaps the best way to view campus during this time is through a virtually led tour. On WOU’s YouTube page, there are many videos that offer in-depth tours of the campus, in both English and Spanish. There are also individual building tours, like this update on the progress of the WOU Welcome Center. If you’re looking for something a little more cinematic, here’s a cool aerial tour of the entire campus. 

Read about the building: While it is no substitute for an in-person visit, you can read about WOU’s rich history online. Recently, there was an article written about the bell atop the Werner University Center, and last Halloween, students were offered a look into the spooky history of Todd Hall. 

Check out photographs online: Another great way to check out campus while remaining physically distant is by viewing photographs of WOU posted online. WOU’s campus is breathtaking, and luckily, WOU is surrounded by many talented photographers who are able to capture its beauty. Following WOU on Instagram (@wounews) is a great idea if you’re looking to check out the campus. You can also search #howlaboutit on Instagram to view photos from the campus community, and get a glimpse at student life at WOU. 

In-person tours: In-person tours are not currently available, but keep an eye on the admissions website for changes.

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