5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Virtually

Everything looks different this academic year, including the holidays. If you’re a huge Halloween fan such as myself, you may be lost on how to celebrate safely. Luckily, through WOU and some outside sources, having a fun, virtual Halloween is possible!


  1. Our first option is for students currently living in the residence halls: Res Life Cinema! The link is located under My Programs on your student portal, and they have a variety of films to choose from, including spooky films ranging from fun to terrifying. Plus, at no extra cost!
  2. For students living off campus who have a Netflix account (or use the account of distant friends or relatives), the Netflix Party extension allows you and friends to stream movies in sync! You don’t have to watch new horror films or familiar favorites alone.
  3. I’m sure many of us have had our fill of Zoom calls by now, but the application can mean more than just meetings and class time. Through Zoom or similar applications like Skype and FaceTime, you can virtually connect with friends over your regular seasonal activities. Hop on a call and carve some pumpkins together, or decorate festive treats, all from your own home.
  4. Following the thread of collaborative festivities, horror gaming is an option, too! No matter if you play on PC or console, there are a multitude of scary games that support co-op play. You and some friends can battle monsters, hunt ghosts, or simply go trick-or-treating on your personal Animal Crossing island all through the night.
  5. Finally, if you’re looking for something a little more artistic to spend your Halloween on, WOU has you covered. From 6-7 pm, Student Engagement is hosting a free online paint night. Don’t have the supplies at home? No problem; you can pick some up on Friday, the 30, from noon-5 pm. in the WUC. More information about this open event can be found here.


No matter how you choose to spend Halloween, remember to stay safe, stay smart, and stay spooky.

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