Headed Home? How to Safely Travel This Week

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After Thanksgiving, all in-person WOU classes will be changed to an online format. Because of this, many students may be traveling home this week, for both Thanksgiving and winter break. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected this year’s traveling plans, especially now, around the holidays. Here are some things to know if you must travel this season. 

Travel solo (or with fellow members of your household): While it may not be some students’ ideal way to travel, it is advised that students travel by car. Public transportation, unfortunately, puts travelers at a much higher risk, and it is best to avoid it if possible. When traveling, it is advised that students travel solo, or with others in their household. If you are traveling alone, please be sure to check-in with a friend or family member every once in a while so someone knows where you are. 

Mask up: Whenever you need to be around individuals outside of your household (getting groceries, stopping for gas, etc.) make sure to throw on your mask. Face coverings should cover both the mouth and nose areas, and should not be removed until the wearer is by themselves or around members of their household. Make sure to avoid touching the mask until removal, and avoid touching your eye, nose, or mouth area. 

Limit contact: Try to limit the amount of direct contact you have with individuals outside of your household. This includes relatives, grocery store employees, friends, etc. Stay at least six feet apart to keep yourself and others safe. 

Make a preparation kit: Have a kit in easy access that includes supplies you might need to mitigate your COVID-19 risk. This kit might include masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray or wipes, disposable gloves, and food and drink (to avoid unnecessary stops). 

Get a flu shot: As an extra precaution, you might consider receiving a flu shot. Not only will you be helping to protect yourself against the flu, you’ll be helping to protect your community against it. 

Whether you’re headed home for the holidays or staying local, please be sure to follow all state and local safety guidelines. We wish you safe travels and a happy holiday season.

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