Finding and Applying for On-Campus Jobs

[Co-written by Cheyan Swan and Erin Worley]


WOU offers many opportunities for student employment on-campus within a variety of different organizations. There are a multitude of options even during quarantine, as many departments have temporarily moved online. Whatever your qualifications and preferences are, there’s sure to be a job for you. Here’s some helpful tips to guide your job search. 


To begin your search, visit WolfLink in the WOU Portal, located on that top row of programs, the icon a black wolf head, to see available job opportunities. Their listings include part-time, full-time, and internships. You can narrow the search to only on-campus options, as well. Here, you’re likely to see postings for positions in University Housing and Campus Dining, Campus Public Safety, etc. Throughout your search, you can build up your profile within Handshake, allowing the program to filter opportunities you might be interested in, and also to appeal to jobs/companies who share you share the program’s space with.  You can even specify your gender and pronouns, although that is totally optional. Finally, you can favorite jobs you are interested in and wish to return to. 


It’s important to fully read the descriptions of each job before you apply, in order to ensure you understand exactly what the job entails. As well, you should take some time to review your resume and cover letter to catch any mistakes. You can visit or email the Service Learning and Career Development for a quick document review, to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward. 


If you feel you’re suited for work that revolves around WOU’s curriculum and aiding others, tutoring might be for you. WOU’s tutoring center hires tutors for just about all subjects. You can offer help with courses in your major or minor, as well as specific classes that you excelled in–now exclusively online and from the comfort of your own home or office! If you’re interested or know someone that may qualify, potential applicants are encouraged to speak to the Student Success and Advising Office located in the Advising Center, or simply through their email. For more information and an application form, visit this SSA Tutoring Jobs page.


After you’ve submitted your application to a job through Handshake, the SSA, or really any prospective employer, it can be pretty nerve-wracking waiting to hear back. If you receive an interview, that feeling is only intensified. However, there’s no need to worry too much, as WOU offers plenty of support in terms of interview preparation. You can visit SLCD for a mock interview, where staff will conduct a professional discussion much like the one you’re prepping for. On the day of your actual interview, it’s important to dress nicely, speak clearly, and try to maintain a composed appearance.


If you end up getting the job, it’s easy to get set-up within WOU’s student employment system. If you don’t get the job, don’t be discouraged! Keep applying to positions that interest you, and you’re sure to find one you love.

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