New Criminal Justice Major in 2021: Cybersecurity

Beginning fall term 2021, WOU’s Criminal Justice Sciences Division will have a new major, a Bachelor of Science in Cybercrime Investigation and Enforcement, also known as Cybersecurity. The major will require 72 total credits, which are broken down into four main groups: criminal justice, cybercrime investigation and enforcement, information systems, and electives. The mission of this major, as described by the division, is to “Provide students with essential conceptual knowledge and skills to prevent, investigate, and enforce cybercrimes and cyberthreats.”


They prioritize three main points of learning. Firstly, students will learn “Conceptual knowledge and the technological skills necessary in the detection, investigation, and enforcement of cybercrimes.” Second, they will gain “An understanding of how the multitude of issues, theories, ethics, policies, practices, and current challenges are related to the control of cybercrime.” Thirdly, they will become equipped with “The skills to understand how traditional criminal justice theories, practices, and policies, and cybersecurity tools, techniques and technologies apply to the control of cybercrime.”


As the world evolves and humanity continues to shift essential aspects of daily life online, crime and law must inevitably evolve with it. WOU remains dedicated to staying current and imbuing its students with skills that aid them in real-world careers and experiences. If cybercrime is a subject that interests you, speak to an adviser on how to join in the major. If you have any questions about the Cybersecurity major, visit or contact the chair of the Criminal Justice Sciences Division, Dr. Vivian Djokotoe.

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