Explore Graduate Oppurtunites at Western Oregon University

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As we get closer to 2021 commencement, some students might be considering pursuing their education further, and, thankfully, WOU offers some phenomenal graduate programs. From MAT programs to a Masters in Contemporary Music, WOU has something for everyone. It is important to note that some graduate programs only specify the necessity of a bachelor’s degree, while others require specific undergrad degrees, so it’s best to check your options out before you complete your undergrad. Here’s just a few WOU grad programs to check out, and be sure to visit the graduate program website to get the full listing.

Master of Arts in Teaching
If you’re interested in being an educator but are not an education major, this graduate track may be perfect for you. This option does not require a content specific bachelor’s degree, and allows students to choose between on campus or online/hybrid classes. One aspect of this program that sets it apart from an M.S. in Education is that the completion of an M.A. in Teaching will provide educators with their initial teaching licensure.

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
You may want to consider an M.A. in Criminal Justice if you’re interested in managerial or teaching positions within the criminal justice field. This graduate track consists of 45 credits, and is instructed online, which makes it easy to complete away from Monmouth. One of the prerequisites of this program, however, is a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or social science.

Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling
This graduate track is beneficial to individuals interested in fields such as vocational rehabilitation counseling, client advocacy, mental health counseling, and more. The program offers a two-year in-person track, as well as a three-year online/hybrid track. Perspectives students need a bachelor’s degree and preferably two years of working experience.

ESOL Endorsement/Certificate
These two programs instruct educators on how to interact with and teach English Language Learners within a classroom environment, as well as parents who may not speak English. Educators who pursue the ESOL endorsement receive credentials from the state of Oregon, while those who pursue a certificate do not receive an endorsement from the state. These courses can be completed either online or on campus, and generally the program takes less than a year to complete. It is important to note that a similar endorsement can be pursued at the undergraduate level in conjunction with a bachelor’s degree, so that may be a path to consider as well.

Master of Music in Contemporary Music
If you’re interested in a career in music performing or production, it is worth exploring WOU’s M.M. in Contemporary Music. In order to be admitted into the program, prospective students are required to hold a bachelor’s degree in music. This program is conducted on campus, and consists of 54 credits, which is generally completed in two years. By the end of the program, students will have been involved in a recital in their area of study, as well as produce a CD composed of the student’s music portfolio.

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Fall 2019 is the first time WOU will be offering M.A. in Organizational Leadership, which includes courses in conflict management, human behavior, and creative administration. This program is beneficial for students interested in managerial positions, as it will help students develop the necessary skills for effective leadership. This graduate track requires no specific bachelor’s degree, and can be completed both on campus or online in 45 credits.

When you’re an undergraduate, the prospect of graduation can seem so far away, so you might feel like it’s of no use to think about graduate pursuits. However, graduation will come a lot faster than you anticipate, so, if you’re interested in continuing your education, it’s important to explore all your options and begin to plan for your future.

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