Susan Castillo’s Thoughts On WOU

Aerial view of Western Oregon University campus with the tops of several brick buildings, lots of trees, a track, and rolling hills in the background

We had the opportunity to talk with Susan Castillo about WOU. She’s a retired vice president of Project Lead The Way, the first Hispanic woman to serve in the Oregon Legislature and a current member of our Board of Trustees. As the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants and the daughter of a mother with only an eighth-grade education, Castillo saw first-hand the connection between education and opportunity that later would provide her the passion and motivation to pursue leadership roles on removing barriers to academic success.


Why is WOU a great choice for students to earn their degree?

Why is the community feel at WOU beneficial to students?

When attending WOU, you can’t help but feel that you are part of a community. We know when students feel that connection, it helps them thrive as they learn, explore, and work towards the goals they have set


What would you tell parents about WOU? 

WOU offers a safe and supportive learning environment with smaller class sizes, affordability, and the opportunity for more personalized attention. We also take pride in our efforts to diversify our campus. We strive to be a welcoming and supportive place for all students.

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