Hamersly Library Amenities

Hamersly Library is packed full of amenities to help students study, research, and create projects. There are a multitude of books to check out, shelved on all three floors, ranging from fiction to textbooks. If a student requires aid searching for resources, they can ask friendly staff, typically at the front desk. Citation guides and online database resources are also available through the library’s website, and if the library isn’t currently stocked with what a student is searching for, said book(s) can be requested through the Interlibrary Loan program.


On the first floor, students can find classrooms, the Checkout Desk, front desk, an array of public access computers, printers, document scanners, and group meeting areas with dry-erase marker tables. The second floor is stocked with more books, and additional study areas and computers lining the outer walls. Also, the Digital Media Center is nestled on the far wall from the stairs. The third floor is similar to the second, containing shelves of books and desks, although it is entirely silent. Each floor hosts conference rooms that students can book either at the front desk or online.


For students working on projects, they can borrow equipment through the Checkout Desk on the first floor. Selections include cameras, camera accessories, audio recorders, laptops, tablets, cables, adapters, and microphones. Like library books, this equipment comes with a return due date. For additional technology and even tutoring in operating tech, students can visit the previously mentioned Digital Media Center, which includes resources such as an open lab and two digital production rooms.


Finally, due to COVID-19 restrictions, masks must be worn in all areas of the library, the only exclusion being the production studios. Visitors must refrain from eating or drinking in the library, so their masks remain on, and respect social distancing guidelines. Specific study spots are marked off according to said guidelines. To enter the library, students must scan their WOU ID at the doors. The library’s current hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, closed on Saturdays and Sundays. However, the 24-Hour computer lab on the first floor remains open, although seating is limited.

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