Student Q&A: Kayley Arpaia

Kayley Arpaia is an active and notable member of WOU’s campus community. She’s a third year Biology major with an emphasis in Zoology, and she is working toward a double minor in ASL and Social Sciences.


Why did you choose WOU?

I originally chose WOU because I wanted to become an ASL/English Interpreter. I knew WOU had a great program for this, and so I decided to come here. Plus, I really wanted to go to a school out of state, and I thought the WUE program was a great opportunity for me.

Why did you choose your major and minor?

I chose my minors because in my first year I explored around some and changed my major a few times. I decided to keep the topics I was interested in as minors and eventually found my passion as a biology major due to my interest in either going on to vet school or going into conservation based research.

Kayley stands in a well-lit forest, smiling at the camera with a tilted head, sunlight illuminating her face.
Kayley Arpaia

What has been your favorite course for your major?

My favorite course I have taken for my major is actually one that I am taking right now, animal behavior.

Are you involved in any campus groups or clubs?

Currently, I am the Director of the Student Activities Board, an IFC member, a Campus Ambassador, President of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc., and a part of the Oak Ecology Research team through the biology department.

What is your intended career?

I am intending to go into veterinary medicine. I hope to go into a field where I can use medical knowledge to help rehabilitate and conserve wild species.

What skills have you learned at WOU that are most helpful to your career field?

WOU has taught me how to manage my time and step out of my comfort and into new roles that I would have never seen myself in. Being an out of state student, I have learned how to foster and grow my own sense of community from within the WOU family and have made amazing friends and have a great support system through various staff and faculty on campus.

What is your favorite memory from WOU?

One of my favorite WOU memories is living in the residence halls during my first year and having all my best friends across the halls or just one floor above or below me! Every night we would go into the study rooms, and slowly more people we knew would trickle in until there were a bunch of friends all having an impromptu hangout.

What’s your favorite spot on campus to grab food or a drink?

My favorite spot on campus to grab a drink is from The Press. I love that we have a place that sells Starbucks products on campus.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen or potential students?

Try something new every year, get involved on campus and join a club or student leadership. You make your best friends through the different clubs and organizations you might join. When you go to college, you can’t sit back and wait for the experience to find you. College is a make it your own experience, and you should do your absolute best to take full advantage of it!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I hope to be studying abroad at a vet school and being close to completing my medical degree.

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