Howl from the Heart: Isaiah Abraham

Isaiah A. '22 major business howl from the heartGiving Day 2021 is just around the corner (March 2!), and we’re hoping you’ll join us in supporting WOU students’ success. During 2020, each of us has adapted, adjusted and created new realities for ourselves; Western Oregon University was no different. As we plan for the future, we look to the Wolves family to help us get there.

To highlight where we have been this past year and learn about why you should give, we want you to meet a couple of students and an employee. Isaiah Abraham ’22 is a business major.


What is your favorite thing about being a student-athlete at WOU?

The brotherhood and friendships that have sprouted and formed while being here. Without sports I feel it would’ve been really hard to make those connections and form relationships that will last me a lifetime.


How did 2020 affect you?

The worst part about last year, I can easily say, was not competing. It was my first time in over 10 years that I wasn’t playing some kind of football. It’s really shown me to be grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given and to not take it for granted!


The biggest challenge this past year, outside of not playing, would probably be not being able to work out or train like normal. You really had to find ways to get work in because there were times where I couldn’t even find a field that I was allowed to work out on.


Why WOU?

I chose WOU because it was the school that gave me a real opportunity and scholarship after getting injured in high school. I am forever grateful for the coaching staff for giving me a chance. I most likely wouldn’t have been able to attend college due to my financial situation if the coaches hadn’t given me a chance.


Why is a college degree important to you?  

Getting my degree is very important to me because life is a lot more than football, and I know this game will end someday. I will need a way to be able to provide for my family and loved ones, and I believe education is a step in the right direction. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to college, whether it’s because they need to work right away to support their family out of high school or other things, such as not being able to attend because they can’t afford it. It is only right that I use this opportunity that not all get to better myself and my future.


Why is it important for people to contribute financially to Wolves Athletics?

It’s very interesting being an athlete and seeing the difference between schools that have fully funded programs and ones that are on the lower end of the financial spectrum such as WOU. We play games in Texas with guys that are on full rides with the newest gear and equipment. On the other hand, for football most of us still buy our own cleats because what we are given is so outdated and handed down to us from schools like UCLA so they are blue and have to be painted before each game. We are grateful for all and any contributions, regardless of size, because that puts us one step closer to being better funded and in a better position to succeed. Donations are very appreciated by every student-athlete because they allow us to continue to chase our dreams and play the sport we love at the next level.

So in advance, thank you!


What should the community know about the resilience of WOU students?

After being here three years and being around all types of different majors and students, I’ve learned just how hard people are working to succeed here so they can succeed in life after. Finishing and never giving up is something that we live by on the football team, but I believe that attitude extends to many students here who are working hard in class to succeed.


What is something fun about you?

I am a fourth-generation WOU student! Two of my great grandparents, two of my grandparents, and my parents all attended WOU. My father, Andre Abraham, played football and baseball here as well.

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