MLK Video Contest: Aiyanna Suazo

Aiyanna Suazo is the first place winner of this year’s MLK Video Contest at WOU. She is a first year student and is majoring in Higher/Middle Education. 


Why do you see Dr. King as an important leader, even today?

He’s influential to people all over the world. He led a huge civil rights movement. His words are what I grew up listening to in class, at home, in movies and TV shows. That’s the kind of impact he had as a person back then and today. He’s the reason why many people speak up about injustices today. 


How did his message, “the time is always right to do right,” speak to you personally?

Like the story that I included in my video, I used to work at a retirement home and there was more than one resident who would make racist comments, but [there was] this particular one who had fallen and I had helped them up. All my life, I’ve always thought the same: that you should always do the right thing regardless of any factors.

Aiyanna smiles up at camera, mask under her chin, wearing a WOU lanyard.
Aiyanna Suazo


What inspired you to participate in this year’s video contest?

I’m a Diversity Scholar, and we had to make a video for this contest. It was our choice if we wanted to send them in, and I was hesitant and showed my mom and dad the video, and they urged me to send it in.


How did you plan and create your video?

I wrote down key points I wanted to make sure I included, then tried to put it all into the video. If I’m being honest, it took me almost 15 tries to get that video right. 


What change would like to see in the world in relation to diversity and inclusion?

I would love to have everyone have a sense of belonging wherever they are at, to feel accepted everywhere regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc. 

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