WOU Introduces the Accelerated Undergraduate to Master’s Pathway

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Beginning fall 2021, WOU is opening up a new avenue of opportunity to prospective master’s degree students. The Accelerated Undergraduate to Master’s Pathway (AUMP) allows current WOU seniors to complete both undergraduate and graduate credits at once, with a long-term potential of receiving their master’s degree early. Seniors can take up to 16 credits that will be applied to both their bachelor’s and participating master’s program, saving both time and tuition money.


This pathway is specifically for students planning to pursue their master’s at WOU directly after graduating. They can conveniently apply coursework to both programs. To qualify for this opportunity, students must have a 3.2 GPA or higher and be in senior standing as fully admitted undergraduates at WOU. Their intended graduate program must be participating in the AUMP, and they need to meet any additional requirements set by their specific program.


According to Dr. David Foster, WOU professor in the Psychological Sciences Department, there are three accelerated pathways into the Organizational Leadership Master’s Program, all of which he will coordinate: Liberal Studies, Information Systems, and the Organizational Leadership minor. Foster said, “I think I am most excited, however, by the accelerated pathway from the Criminal Justice major to the Criminal Justice Master’s Program. The Criminal Justice faculty have done a fantastic job building their undergraduate and graduate programs, and I hope this new pathway provides CJ students greater accessibility and affordability to earning a master’s degree.”


Students can take a maximum of 16 credits while they’re still undergraduates. Additionally, these classes must be passed with a B (3.0) or higher, and pass/fail or satisfactory/no credit courses do not qualify. These selected courses are in the 500- to 600-level range.


Dr. Hillary Fouts, the dean of Graduate Studies and Research, expresses her enthusiasm for this upcoming program and the advantages participating WOU students will experience: “I’m very excited about the new AUMPathway opportunity as it will provide WOU undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in a fast and cost effective way. […] With careful planning, this means that completing a master’s degree will only take one year for most students in an AUMPathway. This is a tremendous opportunity for undergraduate students who are considering or interested in pursuing a master’s degree, and I hope many will take advantage of it.”


For further information on this opportunity and how to apply, please visit the AUMP section of the WOU site.

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