Grad Profile: Lauren Gerig

Lauren Gerig is a 2021 graduate from Canby, Oregon. She is majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Human Biology. Lauren is also an award winner from WOU’s Leadership Recognition Month, where she was recognized for earning a Leadership Certificate.


What has been your most memorable class? 

The Anatomy and Physiology sequence was by far the most memorable. It was amazing to work with the cadavers and see a real life example of what we were studying. The smell was not the best, but the experience made it worth it. 


What has been your favorite annual event at WOU? Why? 

I love the holiday tree lighting. I’ve always been a Christmas person, and found the parade and events such a fun way to get the school and community together.


What have some of your extracurriculars been? How did those impact your time on campus?

Outside of my school work, I am involved in student housing by being a resident assistant, being on the National Residence Hall Honorary executive board, and [I was part of the] Ackerman Hall Government. Outside of housing, I participated on the WOU Club Dance Team, WOU Food Pantry volunteering, and am a student engagement leadership certificate candidate. All of these activities definitely took up some of my time, but it was a great way for me to get out and meet people. Especially my first year, I made most of my friends through my  leadership activities.


Do you have any advice for current and prospective students?

If you feel lonely and have some time, join a club or activity. I am an introvert at heart, but found myself feeling better and more productive when I had things to look forward to. 

Also for incoming freshmen and transfer students, it’s okay to ask for directions around campus. No one expects you to memorize campus on the first day. 


What is the biggest lesson you have learned throughout your time at WOU? 

It’s not that deep. At the time, things may seem out of place or like a huge deal, but it’s okay to chill and take a minute for yourself. Whatever is stressing you out probably isn’t going to be significant in a few years anyway, so take a deep breath. 

Student sits on concrete in red WOU robe, smiling with a green lawn in the background.
Lauren Gerig


What was your most visited spot on campus? Why? 

I have always loved sitting on a bench under the trees next to the Natural Science Building. Especially this year with the band playing outside, it’s been really relaxing on sunny days. 


What is your favorite building on campus? Why? 

I love Devolder Family Science Center. I spent a lot of time there when taking anatomy and physiology, so it just feels comfortable at this point. The white boards are helpful when studying and they have couches under the stairwells that are great for a moment of peace between labs. 


What do you know now that you wish you knew your first term in college?

Try to evenly space your General Education courses and major courses out throughout your schedule. My first term was all major courses, and having so many science courses was overwhelming for my freshman brain. 


What are your plans for after graduation? 

Next year, I plan to attend Portland State University and complete a year of their Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-Baccalaureate program. After that, I hope to get my master’s and become a speech language pathologist.

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