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Student looking at computer and cheeringWe’re thrilled to announce that the 2021 Why I Love WOU video contest grand prize winner is Amanda Anderson! Anderson, an incoming international student from Jamaica, will join WOU in the fall and plans to major in Art & Design.


When asked how the $4,000 scholarship will help with Anderson’s educational goals, she said, “This $4,000 scholarship is going to boost me in my academics, my ability to study and open up doors to achieve my dreams.” She added that she hopes to eventually earn a master’s degree. “As a young child, I was always dreaming about my future goals and what I’m going to have to get through in order to achieve all of that. It was a struggle for me so much.”


Anderson was methodical about searching for colleges and narrowing down her options. She ultimately decided on WOU for several reasons. “WOU has a perfect setting for a Deaf friendly environment, and I’ve been used to that type of environment from high school. Seeing the beauty in the small school and it being Deaf friendly can open doors and allow people to realize they can apply this education to further their own education and become an educator to pay it forward throughout the future.”


She also loves the landscape and topography of the campus. “I love WOU. Even through the virtual world, it’s got this feel I can connect with.” In addition to seeking a Deaf friendly university, Anderson wanted a school with the academic program to help her reach her goals. “I found WOU, and I thought it was so interesting that they offered the degree I wanted to look at and interpreting services and access. I thought, well, that’s the front runner. That’s a beautiful place for me to attain my education. So, go WOU! I put it out there and it just fell into place for me.”


Student smiling and cheering in side-by-side photosAnderson is excited to finally get to campus this fall. “I’m looking most forward to being involved and having my time there be beneficial. I’m motivated to investigate life, see WOU, see what it’s like, and what it has to offer.” She added that she’s interested in the various cultural aspects of the university and the clubs. “There are so many points I’m looking forward to covering in my time at WOU.”


“It is perfect for a Deaf friendly environment and being in a place that is quiet and conducive to learning. I love that WOU has those small classrooms,” Anderson said, adding that she thinks the environment will help her get to know a lot of people, “Including the amazing diverse people, including the professors and people with disabilities. Western was like love at first sight.”


Check out her video here:

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