Grad Profile: Jeanette A. Betancourt Garcia

Jeanette A. Betancourt Garcia is a 2021 graduate from Independence, Ore. She is an Education major with a minor in Bilingual Education/ESOL Endorsement.


What has your experience been like as a first-generation student? 

My experience has been challenging throughout the years, since I am the second one in my family to attend college. My parents did not have the opportunity to attend college. But thankfully I managed to find a support system within the WOU staff and friends that have helped [me] become successful.  


Why did you choose WOU? 

I choose WOU because of the diverse community and because of the great Education program it is known for. Also, because I received many great scholarships to pay for tuition. 


Student stands in front of tree in daylight. She's wearing the red grad cap and gown, as well as a multicolored scarf below a white sash.
Jeanette A. Betancourt Garcia

Do you have any advice for current and prospective students? 

Yes, I would say to not overload yourself with credits; make sure to not procrastinate. 


What has been the highlight of your time at WOU? 

Proving to people that I am capable of completing my degree. 


What is your favorite building on campus?  

My favorite building at WOU is the Werner University Center because it was a peaceful space, and I spent most of my time studying and completing homework there. 


What do you love most about the major/minors you completed? 

I love the Education classes I have taken; they have been very interesting and educational. 


What has been your biggest achievement in college? 

Being able [to] manage working part-time and being a full-time student.


What do you know now that you wish you knew your first term in college? 

To actually enjoy my college experience and not take college years for granted. 


What are your plans for after graduation? 

I will be teaching at a middle school.

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