Grad Profile: Leslie Rincon

Leslie Rincon is a 2021 graduate from Monmouth, Oregon. Her major is in Early Childhood Studies (ECS).


What has the experience been like as a transfer student?

I transferred from Chemeketa. I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education and my Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT). It was really easy to transfer over with the help of the Early Childhood Studies (ECS) faculty because they were able to take so many of the classes I had taken from Chemeketa and apply them to the required classes I needed.


What has your experience been like as a first-generation student?

At times it was a bit overwhelming, because I had to learn as I was doing things with help from advisors or supervisors from work. But I have a very positive support system around me. 


Why did you choose WOU? 

Because it was close to home, and because of the classes that were being offered in the ECS field, since I wanted to learn more about diversity and inclusion. 


Student standing in front of giant wooden barrels, trees behind her as well.
Leslie Rincon

Who stands out from your time at WOU and why?

The entire ECS faculty for always being welcoming, friendly and supportive. It has been a huge help having them as my biggest supporters during COVID and working with me while I adjusted to doing remote learning. 


What will you miss the most about WOU? 

The ECS faculty and the people in the ECS cohort.


What do you love most about the major/minors you completed?

I love that I was able to learn about diversity and inclusion and how to support children and families that I work with. I really enjoyed that I was able to do my placement in my own classroom and directly apply what I was learning from classes that I was taking. 


What has been your biggest achievement in college?

My biggest accomplishment in college was finishing my capstone project while attending college full time and working full time. There were many challenging and frustrating moments while doing my capstone project, but I finally finished it, and it can be something that I can apply to my current job. My other big accomplishment was graduating and being the first in my family to graduate with a BA. 


What do you know now that you wish you knew your first term in college?

Don’t rush into a major; take as many classes that are interesting to you and don’t be afraid to go into college without a major or a future plan on a career. 


What are your plans for after graduation? 

[I will] continue to work at Oregon Child Development Coalition as an infant/toddler teacher. I also plan on taking more classes on psychology to help me better understand the development of the brain. 

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