Grad Profile: Lila Gardner

Lila Gardner holding a pumpkin
We congratulate Lila Gardner class of 2018! A first-generation student from Beaverton, Gardner will be getting her degree in Gerontology with a minor in Human Biology. Why did you choose WOU? For a multitude of reasons. It was affordable, the promise of small class sizes, my partner was studying here, it wasn’t too far from [more…]

Grad Profile: Elisa Moore

Elisa Moore smiling
We congratulate Elisa Moore class of 2018! From Days Creek, Ore., Moore will be graduating with a bachelor’s in Gerontology and a minor in Health. Moore is a first-generation student that transferred to Western from Umpqua Community College. Why did you choose WOU? I chose WOU because it is the only university in Oregon that [more…]

Grad Profile: April Mathews

April and Marilyn standing together and smiling for a picture
We congratulate April Mathews class of 2018! As a first-generation student, Mathews will be graduating with a degree in Gerontology. She transferred from Chemeketa Community college and is part of Sigma Phi Omega International Academic Honor & Professional Society in Gerontology. She chose WOU because of it’s proximity and appealing price.  What do you love [more…]

Grad Profile: Aaron Orr

Arron Orr in a plaid shirt on the beach
We congratulate Aaron Orr class of 2018! From Forest Grove, Orr will be graduating with an major in Earth Science, a double minor in Chemistry and Music, and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Aaron is not the first in his family to get a degree, as his father feature graduated from University of California-Riverside. [more…]

ONE: A Spring Dance Concert Piece

The American Flag with some flowers
As a human, every day can bring up a different experience, but deciding on the voice in their narrative is up to the individual. ONE, a piece by student choreographer Tunya Dhevahpalin, is undertaking the issue between how we feel and the way people perceive us. Though a lot has changed, a lot more still [more…]

Last Light: A Spring Dance Concert Piece

Andrew De La Paz jumping in front of some graphiti
Inspiration comes from anywhere, for the piece the Last Light, by student choreographer Andrew De La Paz explained he had two muses: the way light refracts through different mediums and the poem by Dylan Thomas, Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night. By incorporating these two vastly different influences, De La Paz hoped to [more…]

The Best Little Auditorium in Monmouth

Scene shop workers, working hard on "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" two story set
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas was not a place of fiction, it indeed existed under the name of Chicken Ranch. The prostitution started in the great depression as a way for the farm to survive, trading services for goods, eventually leading to the excess of chickens thus giving the 12 acre farm its name. [more…]

Fall 2017: Dead Week and Finals Week Events

Don’t go stir-crazy from studying. A little fun goes a long way. Check out these campus events happening next week and finals week to unwind and de-stress. Monday, Nov. 27 Dead Week Carne Asada WUC Willamette Room at 12:00 p.m. Free Vent Stations WUC Summit at 12:00 p.m. Free Orquestra Brasil Farewell Concert with the [more…]

One night only – “Blindside”

Stephanie Morin-Roberts posing for a picture with her left eye closed
The Incidental Fees Committee does a large variety of things around campus including bringing in a guest artist once a year. This year they have brought in the magnificent Stephanie Morin-Robert to perform her show Blindside. Due to a type cancer called retinoblastoma, she lost her left eye when she was only two years of [more…]

Grad Profile: Ivan Acosta

Ivan Acosta posing for a picture
As a first-generation student, Ivan Acosta has let nothing stand in his way from getting involved and pursuing a double degree. His first degree is in social sciences and his second is in Spanish. The Spanish degree started off as only his minor, but he soon felt it was necessary for him to pursue. By [more…]

The Impact of a “Nasty Woman”

Since arriving at WOU, there are very few performances in theatre and dance that I have missed. During this year’s Spring Dance Concert there was a piece that really struck home, as both political and emotional. The efforts of senior student Hayley Ann Evers left me thinking about the piece long after the concert ended. [more…]

49th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Every year the Cannon Gallery hosts the Juried Student Art Exhibition that presses it to its limits. With over 300 art pieces submitted each year, only the top 80 pieces will be displayed. Due to the size of the Cannon Gallery, the student assistants have to get creative with the space. This tetris-like balance is [more…]

Free Art Events Spring 2017

Bullet journal page for expense tracking and memories, decorated with a small, yellow umbrella
As we near the end of the school year and things get busy, it is sometimes good to slow down and take some time for yourself. These upcoming free events might be just the thing you need to take your mind off of your studies for a little bit. MUSIC Free admission May 16 – [more…]

The art of Rick Bartow

Step into a surreal world made of a mixture of pain, passion, and love. Alumnus Rick Bartow lead an interesting life and, like many, struggled with addiction to help cope with trauma, his crutch being alcohol. His art became his escape. Incorporating his heritage as part of the Wiyot tribe, along with all the other [more…]

Winter 2017 Hamersly Library exhibits

In the light of all of the political events that have been occurring, you may feel as if you want to get more involved. The art exhibit on the second floor of Hamersly Library might be filled with the inspiration you need. Titled Free Speech: Culture, Politics, and the Art of Expression, Then and Now, [more…]

Enjoy free arts events this month

As the end of the term approaches, stress can get a bit high. Here are arts events happening around campus  that are free to all WOU Students (some require WOU ID). So mark your calendars and take some time out for you to relax at one of these performances or walk around these art installations [more…]

Costuming for “All in the Timing”

All in the Timing is a unique play composed of six smaller plays and only utilizes six actors, which can make costuming a challenge. Between the quick scene changes and the limited space, the base costume pieces needed to be more plain and rely heavily on accessory pieces for functionality. The actors stay on the stage the [more…]

Free concerts to enjoy through the term

black and white picture of an old style microphone
If you are finding it hard to relax as the end of the term approaches and need an evening of escape, no worries WOU’s Music Department understands. Here are the free upcoming concerts from now until the end of the term to help you unwind. Nov. 14 – 7:30 p.m. – Smith Music Hall 121 [more…]

Fall theatre production: “Machinal” by Sophie Treadwell

The Machinal Set being built, large metalic beems framing the stage, very indurstiral looking
On November 10, the WOU Theatre Department will be putting on Machinal, a play written by Sophie Treadwell and directed by theater professor Michael Phillips. This play seems like a hollowing echo of the struggle of women through the decades to be more than just a household necessity and instead their own person. The story of Machinal is [more…]

What is SOAR?

Summer Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) is a way for incoming freshman students to get a head start on integrating into Western. SOAR helps students set up their classes with help from faculty advisers and get used to the new campus. SOAR also aligns students with PLUS Team team members which can help answer their [more…]

Summer Heatwave Concert Series

The top of the Summer Heatwave advertisement specifying the name, location, and time.
Staying around Monmouth this summer with nothing to do? Don’t worry, Western Oregon University is having a Summer Heatwave Concert Series. This open to all ages concert series is sponsored by Student Leadership and Activities. It starts this week and runs every Wednesday until the end of July. The concerts run from noon until the party [more…]

Grad profile: Sarah Duhart

Fully set on going to another college, Sarah Duhart changed her mind last second after being offered a position at the WOU’s Writing Center straight out of high school. She says that she hasn’t regretted her decision one bit because it gave her opportunities she would not have had otherwise. Because of the support provided [more…]

Grad Profile: Dominik Heidemeyer

Dominik Heidemeyer smiling and and leaning on a fence with ancient Ruins in the background
Many move great distances to attend school, but not many in this year’s graduating class traveled as far as Dominik Heidemeyer. Heidemeyer is originally from a small town called Hülm that is on the outskirts of Goch, Germany. He came to Western because it was close to where he ended up living with his wife [more…]

Grad profile: Bella Borja

Bella Borja in her office at PCL smiling
College is never easy especially for those of us that have taken a longer road. Bella Borja is an amazing and personable woman who is graduating in this year’s class of 2016 as a first generation college student. Like many, she has worked her way through college often holding up to two full time jobs [more…]

Grad profile: Amanda Stevens

University is often where people find their passion and that is no exception for Amanda Stevens. Stevens has a great passion for health and in particular women’s health. She originally came to Western for its nursing program, but soon found that community health education was her true passion after finding it frustrating the amount of [more…]

Art Club

For many who are creative it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right direction to go and find ways to consolidate all of that creativity into one project, this is where the art club comes in. WOUs Art Club is full of fun accepting environment. You by no means have to be an [more…]

23rd Annual Powwow

Native American men dancing the grass dance in traditional clothing.
The sounds of the host drums boomed off the walls and reverberated in the hearts of all who were present at this year’s Powwow. The Powwow is put on by Multicultural Student Union (MSU) and includes so much more than just the campus community. The Powwow is free and open to all ages and walks [more…]

20th Annual WOU Drag Show

A mash of dancing, lip syncing, and looking fabulous, the WOU Drag Show put on by the Triangle Alliance is nothing less than dazzling. It was a well-choreographed show for men, women, and all those who find themselves in between. Though it is not for all audiences, the brash sex jokes and open displays of sexuality [more…]