Grad Profile: Eva Batenhorst

WOU student Eva Batenhorst poses for a photograph outside, against a weathered white wall. She is wearing a cream colored sweater.
Eva Batenhorst will be graduating this spring, with a double major in Biology and Dance, and a minor in Physical Science. Eva is from Eugene, Oregon, and has participated in many extracurriculars during her time at WOU, including the Honors program, RHA, and PLUS team. Are you an honors student? What has your experience been [more…]

Grad Profile: Jon Montero

WOU senior Jon Montero is standing in front of large rock structures. Jon is wearing a black Adidas shirt and glasses.
Jon Montero is a graduating student from Seattle, Wash., who is completing a degree in Exercise Science. Why did you choose WOU? I chose WOU because I was excited about the hands-on experience you receive when taking the courses. In the first year you practice teaching to your peers and in the second year you [more…]

Grad Profile: Megan McAllister

WOU student Megan McAllister smiles in front of an outdoor stairwell. Megan is wearing a bright red shirt.
Megan McAllister will be graduating with a degree in Business. McAllister is from Klamath Falls, Ore., and has participated in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, as well as the Student Veterans of America club. Are you a transfer student? What has the experience been like? Yes, I transferred from Klamath Community College as a junior. [more…]

Grad Profile: Maddie Hannah

Graduate student Maddie Hannah smiles in front of bright pink flowers, with a pink flower in her hair. She is wearing a light gray WOU sweatshirt.
Maddie Hannah will be graduating from WOU’s Master of Arts in Teaching program. Originally from Rome, Georgia, she graduated from WOU with a major in Humanities and a minor in Linguistics, and has worked as a graduate assistant for the Writing Center. Are you a transfer student? What has the experience been like? I transferred [more…]

Grad Profile: Heidi Benham

WOU student Heidi Benham smiles in front of a wooden wall. She is wearing a gray shirt, red lipstick, and glasses, and there is a green flower in her hair.
Heidi Benham is a graduating student from Dayton, Ore. She is completing a degree in Mathematics, with a minor in Linguistics. After graduation, Heidi is headed to the University of Connecticut. Are you a transfer student? What has the experience been like? I transferred from the Yamhill Valley Campus of Chemeketa Community College. The faculty [more…]

Grad Profile: Camryn Skari

Camryn Skari smiles for a photograph. Her hair is up, she is wearing red lipstick, and she is wearing and off-the-shoulder white shirt.
Camryn Skari will be graduating with a Masters in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling this June. In addition to being a graduate student, Camryn has worked with the WOU Foundation Phonathon team for the past three years, and has been the lead caller for two years.     What has it been like working for the [more…]

WOU Department Feature: Cashier’s Office

WOU cashiers, Katie Rupp and Megan Blankenship pose in two cashier's windows. Above them is a sign which reads "Cashiers."
As part of our department feature series, we spoke with the Cashier’s Office to better understand what the department does and how they assist the WOU community. Head Cashier Katie Rupp let us know more about the department and how they strive to meet the needs of students, staff and faculty, and the larger campus [more…]

Connect with Friends While Physical Distancing

WOU sign at the front of campus, glossy black with gold lettering, greenery behind it. Campus appears wet from rain.
During this time of physical distancing, it can be difficult to feel connected with your friends. Without the option to connect in person, friendships can feel particularly strained. However, we have many options to stay connected with friends while still adhering to physical distancing guidelines. Here’s some of the best options:  Video Chatting This method [more…]

5 Places to Look for Summer Jobs and Internships

The picture includes the backside of the Werner University Center and the backside of Todd Hall. Red flowers are seen alongside the bottom of the photograph, surrounded by green grass.
With spring break quickly upon us, it might be time to start looking for summer jobs and internships. With the amount of information on the internet surrounding job hunting, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Thankfully, there are some great resources to make the process a little bit easier (including some [more…]