International Education Week

International Education Week Banner
November 14 marks the beginning of this years International Education Week (IEW), an annual event that focuses on the advantages of global involvement in education. Beginning with a joint initiative between the U.S. Department of State as well as the U.S. Department of Education, IEW promotes programs and organizations that include study abroad as well as [more…]

Voter registration drive surpasses goal

The voting process is one that takes place predominately on a local level. It is a chance for everyone’s voice to be heard, and their opinions to be brought forward. In recent years the effort has reached even further to include college students by the masses. It involves getting students registered in advance, keeping them [more…]

Homecoming 2016 Preview

Full Stadium at homecoming game
Homecoming week is a great time to celebrate what it means to be a Wolf, for students and alumni alike. Here is a run down of what you can find around campus the week of October 17! Student Schedule: Monday October 17 Fifth Annual Fundie Run – Starts at 5: 30pm the Stadium and ends at the [more…]

Grad profile: Cassie Owens

Picture of Cassie Owens
Cassie is originally from Lakewood, Wash. and majored in American Sign Language (ASL) studies and minored in special education and chose Western Oregon University because of its location which was close to home. While completing her undergraduate degree Cassie was involved in many things to help the campus. She enjoyed that as a small university [more…]

Grad profile: Hannah Towle

Picture of Hannah Towle
Hannah Towle works as one of our advocate staff leaders as the sexual violence resource coordinator. She has assisted on multiple projects related to the Campus Against Sexual Assault grant associated with Abby’s House. Additionally, Towle has initiated her own projects in the realm of sexual violence prevention playing a key role in the CounterACT Violence campaign [more…]

GIS Speaker Series: An Overview

There’s still one more event in the GIS Speaker series on May 17 at 12pm in the Education Building room 105. This event is presented by Phil Smith from the Oregon Department of Transportation and will discuss how GIS can relate to and help with the transportation process. The talk is free and open to [more…]

Preview: Social Science Symposium on Climate Change

This Spring term the social science division has selected a speaker series on the subject of climate change. The three speakers will be presenting on Thursdays in HWC 301 at 4pm. April 21 “Carbon Fees, Economic Benefits, and Solutions to Global Warming” Dr. Phil Harding from Oregon State University and Dr. Carla Wise from Citizen’s [more…]

Presidential Politics 2016

On Thursday, April 7 the Western Oregon University’s Social Science department continued their Social Science Symposium series with a talk on the 2016 presidential election held by political science professor Dr. Ed Dover. Dr. Dover has written six major books on the presidential election process and teaches everywhere from the basics of national government to [more…]

A.L.I.C.E. Training

It’s an uncomfortable topic to cover, but in recent years school shootings have been on the rise while preparedness hasn’t changed. The method still taught at many elementary and high school level of “lockdown” where children gather at a side of the room, or under their desks has become outdated and there must be a [more…]

Campus Recreation Upcoming Events

These coming months will have several events, mostly FREE and a great way to learn and stay involved with Campus Recreation February 16: Avalanche Awareness, Know Before You Go!, HWC 105 from 5:15-7:00pm This event is free and teaches on safety precautions that can be taken when it comes to avalanches, if you’re one who enjoys [more…]

The Battle for Equality

On Friday February 5 Senator Jeff Merkley visited Western Oregon University to discuss the Equality Act. The Equality Act is a bill that was proposed in 2015 that would help protect the LGBT community. Although the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage in the United States in 2015, there is a struggle still very evident [more…]

Preview: Misfortune County

The film studio Body in the Window Seat will be presenting their feature film “Misfortune County” Friday January 29 at 6:15 pm in Hamersly Library, room 107. The film studio is based out of Central Oregon, and was co-founded by WOU students Nathaniel Dunaway, Burke De Boer and Darien Campo. Filmed in Oregon, Misfortune County is [more…]

Preview: Perspectives on Peace

The social science division has a tradition of selecting a speaker series that reflects on major classroom discussions revolving around challenges that the world faces today. Winter term 2016 will focus on Peace. “In Winter 2016, the Social Science Division is integrating the topic of peace in our classes in diverse ways: considering what it means, what [more…]

Preview: MLK Week Events

There’s no school on Monday in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. but there are plenty of events throughout the week to help us remember what King stood for. Monday (MLK Day) January 18  “MLK Service Project, Make it a day on, not a day off” Why not spend the day off helping the community [more…]

Poetry at WOU

On Thursday November 19, Western Oregon University was visited by poet Christopher DeWeese. His words filled a room with students in Hamersly Library waiting to hear his poems and rightfully so. All in attendance got to hear from both of his published works and got to ask questions of what he thinks of when he [more…]

Preview: Book of Days

On November 12 at 7:30 p.m., Western Oregon University’s Theatre and Dance Department’s fall production Book of Days, written by Lanford Wilson and directed by David Janoviak, opens at Rice Auditorium. When murder roars through a small Missouri town, Ruth Hoch begins her own quest to find truth and honesty amid small town jealousies, religion, greed and [more…]

Safety first in Monmouth

Jackson and Stadium stop sign
After attending a city of Monmouth council meeting on Tuesday November 3, one thing was made clear, safety is the main priority of the council members especially when it comes to Western Oregon University. After a unanimous vote by the committee additional stop signs will be placed on the corner of Stadium Drive and Jackson [more…]

The ghosts of WOU

Last Saturday, October 24 students gathered in the Werner University Center Pacific room to further set the mood for Halloween. After a short background on the history of ghosts, hauntings and the truth behind poltergeists and possessions, Ross Allison led a group of students on an actual ghost hunt taking place in WOU’s own Todd [more…]

A fight for equality close to home

Furthering the ideology of equality for everyone is no easy task, but Western Oregon University’s own CM Hall isn’t one to back down from a challenge. Actively participating on and off campus for LGBTQQIA as well as deaf rights, we are proud to have her here as she teaches LGBTQ studies as well as Deaf [more…]