WOU martial arts

Western Oregon University’s new up and coming club is the martial arts club! Originally the marshal arts club was run by professor Flatt. The new president of themartial arts club is named Carter and he agreed to tell me a few things about the up and comingmartial arts club. He told me that he is not [more…]

how to beat the heat

With summer quickly approaching lots of people like myself who are not used to the hot weather look for different ways to beat the heat. I am currently spending my first summer in Monmouth Oregon and I myself am looking for ways to escape the heat since I normally spend my summers in Lincoln city [more…]

sexual wellness

Western Oregon University hosted two work shops on may 11th that talked about the pursuit of sexual wellness, the proper ways to give consent, and the struggles of alternative life styles. The S.W.A.T (sexual wellness awareness team) group had a workshop that described what the true definition of consent, exception of different types of lifestyles [more…]

haunted dorms

In my four years here at Western Oregon University I have lived in the Landers residence-halls and the Arbor Park apartments, both places gave me amazing and memorable experiences that I’m going to look back fondly on for the rest of my life. However, I did have my own share of strange experiences when living [more…]

Sleep? What’s that!

Every college student has faced the problem of choosing between sleep and something else they want to do. No matter your major or background almost all college students struggle to find time for sleep. Forty-eight hours is the longest I have ever gone without sleep during finals my junior year and my grades highly suffered [more…]

roommate squabbles

    As a senior here at Western Oregon University I have now been through six generations of roommates totaling over 14 people, and with every new roommate(s) there comes new challenges. Some of the challenges you face with your roommates are caused by the environment you happen to be living in, and a prime example [more…]