A Memorable Year

Academically speaking this has been a very memorable year for me. I got to conduct an experiment for a final psychology course and present my findings at the Academic Excellence Showcase. For my study I examined the potential impact that fast thinking has on positive mood, and although I didn’t support my hypothesis, I really [more…]

Shaina Rol: Graduating Senior

Driven, empathetic, and passionate are just a few words to describe Shaina Rol, graduating senior at WOU. Rol is a gerontology major, which is the study of older individuals and the aging process. Since she was mostly raised by her loving grandma, Rol couldn’t imagine her life without the influence of the older population. Ultimately, [more…]

The Zen of Embracing Rejection

Douglas Kenrick, a professor of social psychology wrote a blog for Psychology Today entitled: Zen and the Art of Embracing Rejection (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/sex-murder-and-the-meaning-life/201301/zen-and-the-art-embracing-rejection). This blog post mostly addresses individuals who are planning on attending graduate school and pursuing academic careers, yet the message is important for people of all ages and career paths. Kenrick discusses the [more…]

Coming Out Monologues: The Follow-Up

The audience listened intently as students, alumni, and faculty of the LGBTQ community shared their experiences. Inspired by the successful Vagina Monologues, the Coming Out Monologues was an evening to remember –a night full of heart-felt stories and open testimonies about the coming out process. Even WOU President, Mark Weiss came out as a straight [more…]

WOU Graduate Programs

Students who are graduating soon and considering graduate school, may not need to look any further than right where they are at. Western Oregon University offers a wide variety of graduate programs than may be of interest to students. If individuals are passionate about liberal arts and sciences, they should know that Western offers the [more…]

Gerontology Presentation: Aging in Place

During winter term, Angela Lavery gave a gerontology presentation about older adults aging in place, which means people can live independently and safely in their own homes and communities, despite their income, age, and level of ability. Some of Lavery’s experience included hospice work, family assistance for those who had lost a loved one, and [more…]