Grad Profile: Emily Carlston

Emily is a first-generation graduating senior from Gladstone, Oregon, who is earning her bachelor’s in Earth Science, minor in Psychology, and a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Certificate. She has worked for the Newsflash student social media team in Strategic Communications and Marketing for over two years, and  has  held a position as box office attendant [more…]

Grad Profile: Emily Pahlke

Emily Pahlke, from Clackamas, Ore. is currently working and studying at Western at the same time. She will be graduating with a Master of Science in Education degree with a focus in Informational Technology as well as an Instructional Design Certificate. Currently she is working in the Richard Woodcock Education Center, advising undergraduate education students [more…]

Decorating Your Dorm

decorating your dorm takes two
You’re in your dorm, fresh and ready for the year that’s coming. But there’s something missing from the room. The dorm is bland, grey, and you’ve got to figure out exactly how to live with your new roommate while bringing some pizzaz to your dorm. So, why not hit two birds with one stone and [more…]

Extramural vs. Intramural vs. Club Sports

Here at WOU, there are many different options to play sports on campus. – Renting equipment from HWC – Join a Club / Create a Club – Join an Intramural / Create an Intramural There is a difference between Clubs, Intramurals, and Extramurals, and those differences aren’t always clear. Hopefully this post will clear some [more…]

What Is a Bullet Journal

As someone who is nearing completion of my fourth year of college, I have to say that the bullet journal (bujo) has been an vital addition to my life. A bullet journal, in its essence, is a way to manage life’s tasks and organize everything that you need to get done. The original bullet journal [more…]

Reading for Fun in College

When the term starts and the wave of reading for classes comes, it is hard to pick up a book to read for fun. Between time management, personal motivation, and prioritizing, reading for personal benefit typically takes the back burner. After taking Young Adult Literature during Winter 2018, I’ve collected some ideas and tips for [more…]

The Green Team and the Earth Bench

The Bench Story The Green Team built a double-sided 10 ft. long bench made entirely out of recycled material, called an Earth Bench. The Earth Bench project itself began in October 2016. The actual ground breaking and construction occurred on May 2, 2017.  But who is the Green Team anyway? The Green Team is a student organization [more…]

Recreation In and Around WOU

There are so many ways in and around campus to enjoy the great Pacific Northwest. From the mountains to the coast to the high desert, there is something for everyone in a short drive’s reach from campus. But what’s close by? Recreation On and Near Campus The closest place to get some exercise that we have [more…]