Greg Poulin, art instructor and professional painter

Greg Poulin‘s office is home to both his profession and his hobby. Hanging on the walls and collected on the floor is an eclectic mix of paintings, some of them created for his own diversion and others as examples for his classes. From the model of a figure painting to the classic portrait of a [more…]

Cheyenne Standing-Elk, named for her tribe

Cheyenne Standing-Elk was raised by the Caucasian side of her family, but she bears the name of her Native American ancestors: the Cheyenne tribe. As the director of the Student Activities Board (SAB), she is one of few Native American students to hold a position of leadership on campus. At Western Oregon University, “You don’t [more…]

Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, librarian and singer

Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, public services librarian at Western Oregon University, has been a singer all her life, but she purposefully chose not to make music her career. Singing with the Willamette Master Chorus when her day at the library is finished allows her to pursue her hobby seriously, but not so seriously that it destroys her [more…]

The Prayer and Meditation Room

In Western Oregon University’s Maaske Hall is a quiet room for prayer and meditation. It is open to anyone on campus seeking a peaceful place to pray or reflect. During most of the week, only a few people use it each day, but the international club occasionally reserves it for meetings, and Muslim students gather [more…]

WOU Programs: the Student Enrichment Program

The Student Enrichment Program (SEP) of Western Oregon University serves first-generation, low-income, and disabled students. These students are in the minority in many colleges and universities, but at WOU, they make up 65 percent of the student body. Thanks to SEP, they have the opportunity to overcome their challenges and perform as well as their [more…]

WOU Programs: Tutoring

One of the many services that the Academic Advising and Learning Center (AALC) of Western Oregon University provides is free one-on-one tutoring. Not every student takes advantage of tutoring, but those who do understand the value of studying with a knowledgeable peer who can give them a new perspective. All of AALC’s tutors are WOU [more…]

Gabriel McKay, Criminal Justice Major and Bronco Rider

At Western Oregon University, Gabriel McKay is a senior in criminal justice; at home in eastern Oregon, he is a rancher and a bucking bronco rider. After graduating, he plans to return to his family’s ranch and apply to police departments near his home or join the National Guard. Whichever path he chooses, he will [more…]

Dr. Gavin Keulks, Honors Program Director and Father

Dr. Gavin Keulks is the director of the Honors Program and a professor of English literature at Western Oregon University. He brings a great deal of enthusiasm to his job, and while he could talk indefinitely about the Honors Program, the classes, and the activities, what he loves most is working with the students. Their [more…]

Dr. Shirley Heying, Visiting Anthropology Professor

Dr. Shirley Heying, a visiting assistant professor in anthropology, has been teaching at Western Oregon University since Fall 2014. She is an enthusiastic researcher and teacher, eager to instill in her students her passion for studying anthropology. She has already created two new courses for the anthropology department, and she is planning a public presentation [more…]

WOU programs: Non-Traditional Student Services

Non-Traditional Student Services at Western Oregon University, managed by Student Leadership and Activities, benefit students who are older than average, have dependents, or have returned to school after an extended break. The services help to minimize the challenging aspects of being a non-traditional student, primarily through advising and social and educational events. The Non-Traditional Student [more…]

WOU programs: Service Learning and Career Development

In February, the Western Oregon University Service Learning and Career Development office (SLCD) hosted an internship and volunteer fair. The fair’s slogan, “Experience the difference…experience can make,” emphasized one of SLCD’s primary goals: helping students gain work experience. The mission of SLCD, according to the office’s website, is “to provide access to transformative experiences, education [more…]

Donna Litchfield, puppy raiser

“When people see me on campus, they look down for the dog,” said Donna Litchfield with a smile for Jaunty, the Golden Retriever puppy sitting at her feet. Litchfield is known all around her office in the Western Oregon University Physical Plant for the guide dog puppies she raises. For the last six years they [more…]

WOU programs: the Food Pantry

While the Governor’s Food Drive took place all over Oregon in February, the Western Oregon University Food Pantry conducted its usual business of providing cooking staples to students and community members. While the pantry received a portion of the food drive donations collected on campus, its services are mainly independent of the food drive. It [more…]