A Celebration of Academic Excellence

Person standing in front of a poster and talking to a group of people
Western Oregon University student Sandra Cerda-Lezama ’20 sought to understand what causes parent-child conflict. Graduate student Leslie McLane designed a lesson plan to equip high school students with the mental tools for effectively processing cognitive dissonance in school settings and throughout their lives. Although their projects differ, both McLane and Cerda-Lezama are excited to participate [more…]

T.H. Gentle Professor of Education for 2021

Richard Woodcock Education Center
When she was a middle and high school teacher in rural China, Western Oregon University Associate Professor Xiaopeng Gong observed many of her students struggled with various social and emotional challenges. “As a teacher, there were so many questions that I wanted to find an answer to but did not have a means to do [more…]

WOU Professor Receives International Recognition

Western Oregon University Assistant Professor and Advisor Brooke Dolenc Nott believes her responsibilities extend beyond assisting students in navigating their college journey and career aspirations. “I want my students to know that I believe in them and that their skills, their specific path, their story is going to fulfill a need in our communities,” she said. [more…]

Strong and Pretty – WOU Alum Competes in Strongman Competitions

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Picking up logs with his bare hands, carrying a grand piano on his back, lifting a 40,000-pound monster truck and starring in “The Strongest Man in History” are a few of Robert Oberst’s accomplishments. A Western Oregon University alum, Oberst ’11 is a professional American strongman who has competed in the World’s Strongest Man competitions, [more…]

Howl from Home to support WOU students

Josh Salsbury ’20 has been frequently asked “How many of those do you have?” by customers at Western Oregon University’s Food Pantry. If you think people are asking to see if they can have more of an item, Salsbury said it’s the opposite. Even as the demand for the services have increased, he has seen [more…]

Abby’s House Seeks Photos of People Wearing Denim for Denim Day on April 29

Torn jeans and sneakers
While yoga tights, sweatpants and pajama bottoms may be the trending work-at-home pandemic fashion, Dawn Warmbrand invites the Western Oregon University community to wear jeans April 29 for Denim Day, an international campaign to honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The violence prevention coordinator for Abby’s House at Western Oregon University, Warmbrand said Denim Day is an international event [more…]

WOU Professor Creates Code-Breaking Competition

A coffee mug
An unscrupulous blackjack dealer helping a ring of hustlers. A race to discover the whereabouts of a deadly virus. A group suspected of hacking into a government website to steal U.S. Census data. The fictional plots in the Kryptos Challenge were created by Western Oregon University Math Professor Cheryl Beaver and Central Washington University Math [more…]

WOU Alum Jay Bates Graduates From FBI National Academy

World map with country flags in place of each country
After earning his bachelor’s in Business Administration, Western Oregon alum Jay Bates ’93 took a job with a finance company, where he quickly learned he didn’t enjoy the corporate world. As a former WOU baseball player and high school athlete, Bates found himself missing the team atmosphere. He also remembered the advice of a WOU [more…]

Poetry Provides Perspective for WOU students

Words about poetry
For Western Oregon University students Katherine Sutton, Alexander O’Brien, Amber Jahn and Nova Kohnke, a poem is more than the elements used to create it such as alliteration, rhymes, rhythms or metaphors. Although they each have their own unique writing style, they all view poetry as a window for others to view their perspective of [more…]

Poetry, a Language of Its Own

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Western Oregon University linguistics Professor David Hargreaves has noticed every known culture has a specialized language that is distinct from our everyday language.  Hargreaves said this language is used in songs, folktales, stories, myths, mystic rituals, funeral laments and magic spells. “At the heart of this specialized language is the attention to language itself, rhythm, [more…]