Western Oregon University Has The Oldest Building Among Oregon’s Public Universities

Storm destroyed bell tower
Campbell Hall stands squarely in the center of Western Oregon University’s campus. It’s endured a fierce storm, economic downturns, overcrowding and more. It stands as a symbol of the commitment of pioneers past and present to provide a high-quality education for students. Timeline: The university’s second president, Thomas Franklin Campbell raised the funds for the [more…]

WOU Alumnus Police Lieutenant Shines in TikTok Videos

Man next to a police car
Sitting at a table, Western Oregon University alumnus Albany Police Lt. Curtis Hyde ’93 is reviewing paperwork when a colleague walks up to him and then uses a Clorox wipe to clean his bald head. Hyde gives his colleague a quizzical glance while another colleague stifles his laughter. Hyde and his two colleagues joined others [more…]

Western Oregon University’s Swindel Hall

Swindel Hall
As the oldest public university in Oregon, Western Oregon University has 164 years of history. Knowing the university’s past can illuminate where it’s moving toward for its future. Here’s a look at a building that is often asked about – Swindel Hall. Often referred to as the building that looks like a barn near the [more…]

History Of Western Oregon University’s Bell

History of the bell
Ever wonder about the history of the bell at Western Oregon University’s Werner University Center? Here are six fun facts: In 1886, the bell was cast in Cincinnati, Ohio and placed in the Campbell Hall belfry. The bell was rung to indicate the time of day along with being an emergency alert system, and announcing [more…]

Two WOU Business Owners Use Creativity To Create Community During Pandemic

Tables with umbrellas in a parking lot
Two Western Oregon University alumni business owners have found there’s a solution to every problem, even one that seems like it is taking them on a wild, stop-and-go roller coaster ride. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered how Dawson Officer ’06 of 4 Spirits Distillery in Corvallis and Angela Anderson ‘99 of Syndicate Wine Bar in [more…]

WOU Adds New Programs and Certificates To Meet Career Demands

A student works on the computer.
Western Oregon University added six new programs and nine certificates in the last academic year that will prepare students for careers in growing job markets or to advance their careers. WOU Biology Professor and outgoing Faculty Senate President Kristin Latham-Scott said adding a new curriculum takes into consideration the changing demographics, interests and needs of [more…]

WOU Students Are Training To Be Contact Tracers

Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center.
Western Oregon University Community Health students will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to serve as contact tracers in Polk County. WOU’s Health and Exercise Science Division and Polk County Health Services professionals are collaborating to develop and implement a COVID-19 Prevention and Contact Tracing program that meets the [more…]

2020 Delmer Dewey/Julia McCulloch Smith Award: D-Dré Wright

D-Dré Wright ’20 has a penchant for acronyms, especially one that inspired and guided her success at Western Oregon University. Wright recalls arranging three words in her mind when she finally decided she was going to ACE everything in her life – Accept, Change and/or Embrace it. From competing on three intramural athletic teams to [more…]

2020 Delmer Dewey/Julia McCulloch Smith Award: Monica Cerda Ortiz

Woman with a Homecoming crown
As a first-generation and low-income student, Monica Cerda Ortiz ’20 started her freshman year of college feeling powerless and not knowing where she belonged. That quickly changed as she learned the importance of finding campus groups where she felt represented and supported at Western Oregon University. She is grateful for the WOU faculty, staff, students [more…]

Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Scholarship Recipient: Kenneth Carano

Family in Greece
Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Scholarship winner Associate Professor Kenneth Carano aspires to use his knowledge and status to listen and learn from others’ voices. “Using my white male privilege to be a co-conspirator in working towards giving less-privileged voices a chance to be heard is a critical part of my field’s [more…]

Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Teaching: Kristin Latham-Scott

Professor dressed for graduation
Western Oregon University Biology Professor Kristin Latham-Scott hopes she engages her students with mind-expanding topics while also providing them the skills to tackle the challenges.  Her dedication, creativity and enthusiasm to create student-centered learning spaces has earned Latham-Scott this year’s Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Teaching.  “I hope my students take with them [more…]

Alumni Award of Excellence: Micheal Morgan

Man in a woodworking shop
Dr. Micheal Morgan ’70 has a simple explanation for why he goes above and beyond in everything he does. “It’s innate,” he said. “I was raised to work hard, do a good job, help others and do what’s right.” The recipient of the 2020 Alumni Award of Excellence, Morgan has been a  staunch supporter of [more…]

WOU Alumna Finds Herself in the Spotlight

People at a press conference
Western Oregon University alumna Colleen Thayer’s new high-profile assignments have placed her in a spotlight that’s slightly outside of her comfort zone. Even so, she gladly accepts the challenge, because she believes it’s important to provide accurate information to the deaf community during this unprecedented moment in history. A Certified Deaf Interpreter, Thayer has been [more…]

WOU Assistant Professor Defends the Shepherd of the Ecosystem

A cougar
Western Oregon University Biology Instructor John Laundré advocates for an animal too often viewed as bloodthirsty and dangerous. A world-class ecologist, Laundré is a cougar biologist who is devoted to defending an animal he believes is misunderstood. “Cougars are the shepherds of ecosystems, keeping herbivores in their ecological place. Time after time, it has been [more…]

A Celebration of Academic Excellence

Person standing in front of a poster and talking to a group of people
Western Oregon University student Sandra Cerda-Lezama ’20 sought to understand what causes parent-child conflict. Graduate student Leslie McLane designed a lesson plan to equip high school students with the mental tools for effectively processing cognitive dissonance in school settings and throughout their lives. Although their projects differ, both McLane and Cerda-Lezama are excited to participate [more…]

T.H. Gentle Professor of Education for 2021

Richard Woodcock Education Center
When she was a middle and high school teacher in rural China, Western Oregon University Associate Professor Xiaopeng Gong observed many of her students struggled with various social and emotional challenges. “As a teacher, there were so many questions that I wanted to find an answer to but did not have a means to do [more…]

WOU Professor Receives International Recognition

Western Oregon University Assistant Professor and Advisor Brooke Dolenc Nott believes her responsibilities extend beyond assisting students in navigating their college journey and career aspirations. “I want my students to know that I believe in them and that their skills, their specific path, their story is going to fulfill a need in our communities,” she said. [more…]

Strong and Pretty – WOU Alum Competes in Strongman Competitions

Person cheering
Picking up logs with his bare hands, carrying a grand piano on his back, lifting a 40,000-pound monster truck and starring in “The Strongest Man in History” are a few of Robert Oberst’s accomplishments. A Western Oregon University alum, Oberst ’11 is a professional American strongman who has competed in the World’s Strongest Man competitions, [more…]

Howl from Home to support WOU students

Josh Salsbury ’20 has been frequently asked “How many of those do you have?” by customers at Western Oregon University’s Food Pantry. If you think people are asking to see if they can have more of an item, Salsbury said it’s the opposite. Even as the demand for the services have increased, he has seen [more…]

Abby’s House Seeks Photos of People Wearing Denim for Denim Day on April 29

Torn jeans and sneakers
While yoga tights, sweatpants and pajama bottoms may be the trending work-at-home pandemic fashion, Dawn Warmbrand invites the Western Oregon University community to wear jeans April 29 for Denim Day, an international campaign to honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The violence prevention coordinator for Abby’s House at Western Oregon University, Warmbrand said Denim Day is an international event [more…]

WOU Professor Creates Code-Breaking Competition

A coffee mug
An unscrupulous blackjack dealer helping a ring of hustlers. A race to discover the whereabouts of a deadly virus. A group suspected of hacking into a government website to steal U.S. Census data. The fictional plots in the Kryptos Challenge were created by Western Oregon University Math Professor Cheryl Beaver and Central Washington University Math [more…]

WOU Alum Jay Bates Graduates From FBI National Academy

World map with country flags in place of each country
After earning his bachelor’s in Business Administration, Western Oregon alum Jay Bates ’93 took a job with a finance company, where he quickly learned he didn’t enjoy the corporate world. As a former WOU baseball player and high school athlete, Bates found himself missing the team atmosphere. He also remembered the advice of a WOU [more…]

Poetry Provides Perspective for WOU students

Words about poetry
For Western Oregon University students Katherine Sutton, Alexander O’Brien, Amber Jahn and Nova Kohnke, a poem is more than the elements used to create it such as alliteration, rhymes, rhythms or metaphors. Although they each have their own unique writing style, they all view poetry as a window for others to view their perspective of [more…]

Poetry, a Language of Its Own

Keys of a typewriter
Western Oregon University linguistics Professor David Hargreaves has noticed every known culture has a specialized language that is distinct from our everyday language.  Hargreaves said this language is used in songs, folktales, stories, myths, mystic rituals, funeral laments and magic spells. “At the heart of this specialized language is the attention to language itself, rhythm, [more…]

WOU Alumni Class Notes

Western Oregon Wolves
1970s Jim Healy ‘75, ‘82, retired last July after 39 years in education as a high school teacher, counselor and administrator, most recently at Southridge High School in Beaverton. He lives in Hillsboro with his wife, Mary. Jerry Moore ’77 has retired after 43 years in law enforcement, the last 14 as chief of police [more…]

An Inspirational Day for Western Oregon University

Map of the United States
Your monumental support of Western Oregon University’s 2020 Giving Day was absolutely amazing! Thanks to your belief in WOU students and programs, we all witnessed what happens when Wolves work together to make a dream become a reality. Because of you, Giving Day raised a record-breaking $140,629, exceeding the goal of $100,000 and more than [more…]

I Love You Emoji Began at WOU

Wolfie surrounded by hearts
For anyone who has texted the “I love you” handshape emoji, please thank CM Hall and Chad Ludwig. Hall, the co-project director of DeafBlind interpreting, and Ludwig, the director of RRCD, petitioned Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that regulates the coding standards for written computer text that includes emojis to have the “I Love You” handshape [more…]

A Stitch of Kindness by WOU Community Members

Three cloth masks
The crooked stitches, uneven pleats and other minor imperfections almost prevented Heather Holmes from continuing to sew fabric face masks. But the co-director of Western Oregon University’s DeafBlind Interpreting National Training and Resource Center thought about her wife who has asthma, their aging parents, their friends with underlying health conditions, and their friends who are pregnant. [more…]

WOU Grad Encourages People to Conquer Their Challenges

Western Oregon University alum Kacey McCallister ’12 knows how quickly a person’s life can unexpectedly change, leaving no discernable path forward. When he was 6 years old, McCallister attempted to run across a divided highway and was struck by a semi-truck. He believes he was incredibly lucky to survive; the accident severed his left leg, [more…]

Art for Innovation

Painting of Mt. Hood
The late Alfred “Fred” Maurice’s curiosity and desire to see students succeed inspired him to establish a challenge for Western Oregon University students. A WOU benefactor and honorary faculty member (pictured below), he created the J. Dolores and Alfred P. Maurice Initiative, a challenge for undergraduates who complete a year-long project in quest for a [more…]

Legacy to Western Oregon University football

WOU mascot
When he was eight years old, Blake Davis ’23 knew he wanted to follow in his great grandfather’s, great  uncles’, grandfather’s and father’s footsteps to play football at Western Oregon University. Erik Davis ’99 remembers the day Blake received his offer to play at his alma mater. “I told him although he’s a Davis, he [more…]

Remote Learning at WOU Relies on Moodle

Computer next to a cell phone
Western Oregon University graduate assistants Adrienne Allardt-Wong and Kerri Kunda have some helpful advice for students and faculty who are using Moodle for their remote spring term courses. Moodle is a learning management system used by WOU to deliver its remote access courses. “Just play around in Moodle for a bit, and you’ll get the [more…]

WOU Continues to Lead Nation in American Sign Language Education and Advocacy

Two people in a class
Western Oregon University’s Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies (DDSPS) is nationally known to be consistently at the cutting edge of innovation and excellence in its academic programs. Mark Girod ’94, dean of the College of Education, attributes the programs’ success to a dedicated faculty who are committed to access, equity and inclusion for [more…]

Six Tips for Remote Learning Spring Term at WOU

Red tulips
As we venture into new territory of remote course delivery for spring term at Western Oregon University, students should remember one thing will never change. WOU is here for you. Now more than ever, communicating with your professors, adviser and staff is important. Whether you need to call, email or video chat, they are here [more…]

A Former Online Student Shares His Advice

Glasses on a notebook by a computer
Adrian Trujillo knows all too well the challenges of navigating remote college courses. While studying for his bachelor’s degree, he also juggled being a father to three young boys and working a full-time job. Now the bilingual academic success adviser in Western Oregon University’s Student Success and Advising (SSA) Office, Trujillo, 25, is eager to [more…]

Western Oregon University recognized for serving the aging population

Picture of a computer screen reading Never Stop Learning
An assistant professor in the Gerontology program, Melissa Cannon is proud of Western Oregon University’s history of promoting age-friendly values in a variety of ways including encouraging lifelong learning and access to core institutional activities, community partnerships and intergenerational exchanges in teaching and learning. WOU’s dedication and work in this area has resulted in being [more…]

Lessons in the lessons: English and General Education

Sundial next to pink flowers
There are lessons within the lessons taught in biology to literature to philosophy classes at Western Oregon University. And each lesson can provide us with guidance, insight and knowledge during this uncertain time. Today at WOU asked faculty to share with students and employees some perspective from their subject matter to help us navigate our [more…]

WOU Offers At-Home Workout Options

Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center.
Western Oregon University students and community members now have an option to take at-home fitness classes through the Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center. Campus Recreation Assistant Director Zachary Hammerle used a little innovation to be able to provide FOD or Fitness on Demand workouts. Live classes on Instagram will begin two weeks into spring [more…]

Lessons in the Lessons: Music and Psychology

Music is the answer
There are lessons within the lessons taught in biology to literature to philosophy classes at Western Oregon University. And each lesson can provide us with guidance, insight and knowledge during this uncertain time. Today at WOU asked faculty to share with students and employees some perspective from their subject matter to help us navigate our [more…]

Lessons in the Lessons: Business and Sociology

Mountain with words
There are lessons within the lessons taught in biology to literature to philosophy classes at Western Oregon University. And each lesson can provide us with guidance, insight and knowledge during this uncertain time. Today at WOU asked faculty to share with students and employees some perspective from their subject matter to help us navigate our [more…]

Next Week at WOU (March 23 to 29)

A coffee mug and a book
Happy Spring Self-Isolation Break! Or Spring Couch Potato Break 2020? Whatever you want to call it, let’s all agree this is not the spring break any of us planned. However, it’s the smartest thing we can to do to protect ourselves and others from spreading the coronavirus. We can either be bitter about the way [more…]

Tips to stay healthy mentally and physically

Quote about hope
Two Western Oregon University health professionals have suggestions on how you can stay healthy both mentally and physically, especially with many people having concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19). Craig Wimmer, assistant director of Wellness Education, and Jennifer King, a family nurse practitioner and medical services director, both work at the Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC). [more…]

Next Week at WOU (March 16 to March 22)

Pictures of tulips
Looking for things to do at Western Oregon University and nearby this next week? We’ve got you covered with a selection of upcoming events. See the full calendar here or on your MyWOU app. If you are hosting a campus event, be sure to add it to the calendar by visiting calendar.wou.edu and click “submit [more…]

WOU’s Art and Wine Walk Benefits Students

Painting of Mt. Hood
The late Alfred “Fred” Maurice was known to challenge people to move beyond their comfort zone to learn something new. His legacy continues to provide students at Western Oregon University with the opportunity to do just that. A WOU benefactor and honorary faculty member, Maurice created the J. Dolores and Alfred P. Maurice Endowed Challenge [more…]

Next Week at WOU (March 9 to 15)

Pink cherry blossoms
Looking for things to do at Western Oregon University this next week? We’ve got you covered with a selection of upcoming events. See the full calendar here or on your MyWOU app. If you are hosting a campus event, be sure to add it to the calendar by visiting calendar.wou.edu and click “submit event.” Important [more…]

Western Oregon University Has Record-Breaking Giving Day

Coffee cup with words thanks
Unprecedented is how Western Oregon University Annual Giving Coordinator Emily Swart described Giving Day on March 3. “Because we have a great team of alumni, friends, students and employees who truly love WOU, we had a record-breaking day,” Swart said. “I’m grateful to everyone who helped make a difference for WOU students and the university.” [more…]

Western Oregon University Takes a Proactive Approach to Potential Coronavirus Threat

The picture includes the backside of the Werner University Center and the backside of Todd Hall. Red flowers are seen alongside the bottom of the photograph, surrounded by green grass.
Benjamin Franklin’s advice that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” describes Western Oregon University’s diligent approach to preparing and planning if there is a case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on campus or a nearby community. “As with any potential threat to our campus, we are monitoring the situation very closely, and [more…]

Investigate Career Possibilities at Western Oregon University’s Criminal Justice Career Fair

Two people talking
Western Oregon University students exploring career and internship options should investigate possible leads at the Criminal Justice Career Fair from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Pacific Room at the Werner University Center. “This career fair is an opportunity for students to find where their passion might fit,” Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Jennifer [more…]

Next Week At WOU (March 2 to 9)

Leaves of a plant in a garden.
Looking for things to do at Western Oregon University this next week? We’ve got you covered with a selection of upcoming events. See the full calendar here or on your MyWOU app. If you are hosting a campus event, be sure to add it to the calendar by visiting calendar.wou.edu and click “submit event.” Important [more…]

Next Week at WOU (Feb. 25 to March 1)

Yellow flowers
Looking for things to do at WOU this next week? We’ve got you covered with a selection of upcoming events. See the full calendar here or on your MyWOU app. Important Notices SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE: There is still time to apply for WOU scholarships. You can apply for more than 70 scholarships with one form, due [more…]

Attention Transfer Students: We’re Here to Help

Wolfie standing by a bus.
When you are ready to transfer to Western Oregon University, Dr. Kristin Mauro is definitely someone you want to meet. The director of Western Oregon University’s Transfer Pathways department, Mauro is an advocate and a valuable resource for transfer students. She works with students to view their transcripts and explain how their courses will transfer, [more…]

Next Week at WOU (Feb. 17 to 23)

Mount Rushmore
Looking for things to do at WOU this next week? We’ve got you covered with a selection of upcoming events. See the full calendar here or on your MyWOU app. Important Notices SHARE YOUR EVENT NEWS: If you are hosting a campus event, be sure to add it to the calendar by visiting calendar.wou.edu and [more…]

Western Oregon University Invites Concordia University-Portland Students to Transfer to WOU

Students walking on a sidewalk next to trees and brick buildings
Students and employees invite Concordia University-Portland students to discover why they should transfer to Western Oregon University. “WOU is a good fit for Concordia students because of our many similarities, from our academic programs to our average class size,” WOU President Rex Fuller said. Concordia students have several factors to consider in deciding where to [more…]

Chemistry Added to Multiple Interests Equals Romance

Roses next to books
There are countless stories of how alumni of various eras met their spouses at Western Oregon University. A high school friendship that grew into a romance. A glance in a classroom that eventually led to a marriage proposal. Instant chemistry when meeting at an athletics event. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Today at WOU interviewed [more…]

Make Your Scholarship Applications Shine

Dedicating time and paying attention to the details are two essential requirements when applying for college scholarships. Unfortunately, too many college-bound students lower their chance to earn a scholarship by procrastinating, often resulting in sloppy applications with typos and mistakes. If the idea of earning free money for college interests you, it’s time to get [more…]

Where Should I Go to College? Tips to Help Students Decide

Three arrows going left, middle and right next to green sneakers.
Your late nights of writing essays and completing applications has resulted in acceptance letters from more than one university. Now with choices on the table, it’s time to decide what college fits best for you and your goals. Western Oregon University sophomore Tori Cook recommends prospective students first look at the programs and majors offered [more…]

Congress to Campus Fosters Civil Communication, Engagement and Literacy

U.S. Capitol building with colorful sunset behind it
Western Oregon University Professor Mary Pettenger and Assistant Professor Earlene Camarillo believe the connections each of us makes with people who have different perspectives and opinions allow us to learn and grow as a community. That’s why Camarillo and Pettenger, who both teach in the Politics, Policy and Administration department, collaborated to bring Congress to [more…]

Next Week at WOU (Feb. 10 to 16)

Paper pink and red hearts in a row.
Looking for things to do at WOU next week? We’ve got you covered with a selection of upcoming events. See the full calendar here or on your MyWOU app. Important Notices Community members are welcome to attend public lectures, athletic events and more. Come explore what’s happening at Western Oregon University. Tuesday, Feb. 11 COFFEE [more…]

Next Week at WOU (Feb. 3 to 9)

Student smiling and wearing WOU gear
Looking for things to do at WOU next week? We’ve got you covered with a selection of upcoming events. See the full calendar here or on your MyWOU app. Important Notices CANCELED: CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION: The Chinese New Year event on Friday, Jan. 31 has been postponed. It will be held in conjunction with [more…]

Western Oregon University Choirs Are Belgium-Bound

Musical notes
Dr. James Reddan does more than ask his Western Oregon University choir students to shoot for the stars. Reddan, as an assistant music professor and director of choral activities, makes certain every student has the skills and knowledge to confidently reach the destination. “I have high expectations for my students, but they are always achievable [more…]

WOU’s Handshake May Lead to a Handshake

Picture of a computer screen
Western Oregon University students and alumni seeking employment opportunities should start with Handshake. And, hopefully that leads to a congratulatory handshake. Handshake is a job and information site used by employers and recruiters to post jobs, internships and events available for WOU students and alumni. The site is accessed through the WolfLink program in students’ [more…]

Next Week at WOU (Jan. 27 to Feb. 2)

A chalkboard with positive words about carrers
Looking for things to do at WOU this next week? We’ve got you covered with a selection of upcoming events. See the full calendar here or on your MyWOU app. Important Dates NEED TO DROP A COURSE?: Friday, Jan. 31 is the last day to drop a course without a grade responsibility.   Monday, Jan. [more…]

Western Oregon University students find inspiration in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work and words

Standing ovation in front of a stage where three people are standing
The words and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have provided inspiration and guidance to Western Oregon University students Chanrithy Fuller-Avalos, Priscila España and Jake Sutherby. The three students’ paths recently merged when they were chosen as the top three contestants in WOU’s MLK Jr. Student Essay Competition. The students wrote essays based on [more…]

Nine Reasons Squirrels Are the Best

A squirrel sits on the grass.
What animal has the reputation as an acrobat, bandit, gardener and trickster? That can be seen zigzagging across roads, parks and backyards? And is celebrated on Jan. 21? Yes, it’s the squirrel! In honor of National Squirrel Appreciation Day, Western Oregon University has compiled some fun facts about squirrels, WOU’s unofficial mascot. Christy Hargrove, a [more…]

WOU Transfer Day is Friday, Jan. 24

Three people talking and studying.
Western Oregon University has created a simple and advantageous process to help transfer students join the Wolves family. The first step students interested in transferring to WOU should make is to attend WOU Transfer Student Day on Friday, Jan. 24. The free event for students and their guests begins at 8:30 a.m. and goes until [more…]


Notices WUC CLOSED FOR THREE-DAY WEEKEND: The Werner University Center’s (WUC) hours for the three-day weekend are: closes at 5 p.m. Jan. 17 and is closed Jan. 19 to Jan. 20. The regular hours resume Jan. 21. LAST DAY TO ADD A CLASS: The deadline to add a course is Friday, Jan. 17. If you [more…]

WOU Honors the Work and Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Western Oregon University’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration serves both as a tradition and a reminder. “It’s a tradition of celebrating and bringing the WOU community together to focus an incredible civil rights leader and activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” said Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Malissa Larson. Patrick Moser, assistant vice [more…]

Outdoor Adventures to Explore Near WOU

snowshoes in snow bank
Growing up in southern Oregon, Western Oregon University senior Maddy Olson had heard of Silver Falls State Park, Opal Creek Scenic Recreation and Opal Creek Wilderness and Cascade Head Trail. Thanks to WOU’s Outdoor Program, a part of Campus Recreation, she has had the opportunity to hike all three places, discovering stunning waterfalls, magnificent ocean [more…]

WOU Welcomes Family and Friends

People sitting around the table enjoying a meal with Wolfie.
There are the many reasons Western Oregon University students Hailey Silberfarb and McKenzie Wolfe-Webb are eager to have their families visit during WOU Family Weekend later this month “Family weekend is filled with entertainment while also having much-needed breaks that allow your parents to help stock your fridge,” junior Wolfe-Webb said. “It’s nice to have [more…]

General education classes build foundation for career success

When Western Oregon University sophomore Maya Schlosser-Hall started college in 2018, she was on track to take four math classes to graduate as an education major. “Math is not my strong suit,” she said. “I was worried about taking four math classes because I was worried I wasn’t going to succeed in them and that [more…]

Priceless skill of perseverance

Everyone has setbacks that cause them to want to throw up their hands and yell, “I quit.” Perhaps it was after being told they weren’t smart, fast, talented or creative enough to succeed in their chosen path. There is a long list of well-known people who experienced failure including Mozart, Dr. Seuss, Oprah Winfrey, Michael [more…]

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Oregon’s ratification of the 19th Amendment

Lend your hands to help create a historical record celebrating the 100th anniversary of Oregon’s ratification of the 19th Amendment, which eventually placed women’s voting rights in the U.S. Constitution. Western Oregon University history professor Kimberly Jensen invites campus and community members to make a social justice art panel at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 14 [more…]

Here’s to a happier and healthier you in 2020

Row of students on bikes in a spin class
Achieve your goals to be happier and healthier in 2020 by discovering an activity at Western Oregon University’s Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center, also known as the Courtney Center. “Exercise and physical activities can increase energy, reduce depression, anxiety and stress, create a positive mood, increase self-esteem and confidence, improve sleep, and support cognitive processes,” [more…]

WOU Announces New American Sign Language Assessment Service

Group of students in an American Sign Language class
Western Oregon University continues to be a leader in American Sign Language. Our Regional Resource Center on Deafness (RRCD) is the first to offer a nationwide ASL assessment service (called RSLA) in the western United States. The service uses Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) conducted in ASL to assess the individuals’ ASL skills. The service [more…]

No Child Left Monolingual

Group of four students sitting at a table outdoors and smiling
Dr. Kim Potowski is eager to dispel several myths about languages in the U.S. and promote multilingualism. A professor of Hispanic linguistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Potowski is a renowned specialist in multilingualism and the founding director of her university’s Language in Context Research Group.   Potowski will present No Child Left [more…]

Just apply – tips for scholarship applications

Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center.
Western Oregon University Scholarship and Financial Aid Officer Travis Heide encourages students to apply for as many scholarships as they can throughout their college career. While there are more scholarships geared towards incoming freshmen students at WOU, Heide said there are plenty of scholarship opportunities for transfer and returning students. Heide recommends students to spend [more…]

Spend winter break applying to college

DeVolder Family Science Center
Dear high school senior, You’ve visited universities and narrowed your choices. Now, it’s time to start applying. Western Oregon University recommends high school seniors work on college applications during winter break. Here are some tips to complete your applications: Know the deadlines. Visit universities’ websites to find deadline information. Many colleges have multiple deadline options. [more…]

Winter Break: Organize your college game plan

The Peter Courtney Health and Wellnes Center.
High school seniors should take advantage of their winter break to invest in their future. While it’s a time to relax and have fun, it’s also an opportunity to organize materials for college applications and scholarships to avoid stressful late nights and looming deadlines. Here are a few tips recommended by advisers at Western Oregon [more…]

New master’s in Organizational Leadership provides foundation for tomorrow’s leaders

Group of students and a professor sitting around a cluster of tables
Western Oregon University professor David Foster explained leadership skills can be acquired in one of two ways – the college of hard knocks or preferably in WOU’s new master’s in Organizational Leadership program. “When people learn leadership skills in the college of hard knocks, they often make mistakes that have severe consequences,” Foster said. The [more…]

Weekly 5: Things to do at the Holiday Tree Lighting

Discover the essential ingredients for catching the holiday spirit at the 52nd annual Holiday Tree Lighting at Western Oregon University on Dec. 6. With a host of festive activities to entertain and delight you, here’s a game plan to enjoy WOU’s holiday traditions: Show your holiday and WOU spirit: Wear red or WOU apparel to [more…]

Major Myth Busting

Two women, sitting on opposite sides of a desk.
Niki Weight is eager to bust three myths to hopefully help college students stop stressing so much about changing their major. National research indicates 80% of college students change their major at least once, adding it’s not uncommon for students to change their major three times. The director of Western Oregon University’s Student Success and [more…]

Weekly 5: Safety prevention tips

Western Oregon University (WOU) was selected earlier this year as the safest college campus in Oregon. The award is based on statistics from the U.S. Department of Education’s Campus Safety and Security analysis and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. Our Campus Public Safety (CPS) Department keeps the WOU community safe and offers some tips to [more…]

WOU 5: Celebrate Thanksgiving Weekend

Will you be sticking around Monmouth for Thanksgiving? A game plan is the secret ingredient to celebrating Thanksgiving weekend at Western Oregon University and nearby towns. The first rule of the weekend is to make it your own and do what you want to do. You have been working hard with school and this is [more…]

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

Two men in suits stand on a stage and speak into a microphone
Experience the behind-the-scene escapades of a 1946 radio broadcast by attending the Western Oregon University Theatre Department’s presentation of It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play on Nov. 14-16 and Nov. 20-23. WOU Theatre Professor and Director Kent Neely said the live radio play is a great start to the holiday season for anyone who [more…]

Mission to serve others

Wolfie with paw over his heart in front of an American flag outside our ITC building
Colin Haines is now a different kind of warrior. “When I was in the military, I was taking care of some blatantly obvious physical wounds,” Haines, 35, said. “Now, I am caring for the invisible wounds.” The director of Western Oregon University’s Veterans Resource Center (VRC), Haines served 10 years as a U.S. Army airborne [more…]

Building and navigating pathways for students’ success

Chelle Batchelor standing and smiling between shelves of books in a library
Shelve all the notions you may have about what it takes to properly manage a college library. Especially now that Chelle Batchelor has taken the helm at Hamersly Library. With more than 25 years of experience working in college libraries, Batchelor was chosen as Western Oregon University’s dean of Library and Academic Innovation, a new [more…]

Two Young Adult Authors Found Inspiration at Western Oregon

Hardcover books of "Tarnished are the Stars" and "The Bone Houses" on a stone bench with a WOU Wolfie doll.
A 17-year-old gravedigger and three futuristic teens can trace their stories’ beginnings to their authors’ experiences at Western Oregon University. The gravedigger protagonist belongs to the imagination of Emily Lloyd-Jones ’10, and the space-age tech and steampunk-style clockwork teens to Rosiee Thor ’14. Both authors released young adult novels this fall. Lloyd-Jones’ fourth novel, The [more…]

WOU provides support and pathways for transfer students

Transfer students were invited to “Celebrate Your Transfer Story” at WOU’s Transfer Pathways inaugural celebration of National Transfer Student Week (NTSW) Oct. 21-25. An annual event by the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students, NTSW celebrates transfer students and the professionals who support them on their journey. At WOU, the goal is to welcome [more…]

Third-Generation WOU Student is Student Leader

Person standing in front of a logo painted on a wall. ASWOU in text with a red torch over the state of Oregon
A third-generation student, Erik Morgan Jr. can pinpoint the events that propelled him from being “only partly politically aware” to being elected Associated Students of Western Oregon (ASWOU) president. At Stayton High School, Morgan Jr. played soccer and acted in school plays. Student government wasn’t on his radar. Not knowing what he wanted to study [more…]

Weekly 5: Hamersly Library

Outside of Hamersly Library, a brick building, with trees framing the image
Five things to know about the Hamersly Library It’s a friendly and supportive place for students, faculty and staff members to receive assistance from librarians who are passionate about their work and serving students. With art to historic displays, the Hamersly Library also is a good place to go for inspiration. Pick a floor and [more…]

Preview of Homecoming 2019

Red rocks with text that says "Wild Wild Western, Homecoming 2019" and an image of wolfie riding a unicorn
Whether it is strolling down memory lane, discovering traditions or cheering at the football game, Western Oregon University’s 2019 Homecoming is an opportunity for creates a camaraderie for community members, alumni and students. Western Oregon University’s 2019 Homecoming theme “Wild, Wild Western,” provides plenty of opportunities for students, alumni and community members to celebrate their school [more…]