WOU Instructors Play Major Role in Expansion of Protactile Language

Three women using protactile language as another looks on
Western Oregon University’s DeafBlind Interpreting National Training & Resource Center was recently awarded a five-year, $2.1 million grant for interpreter training. OPB’s Think Out Loud filmed a show about the grant and Protactile in November, which ran Jan. 5. DBI’s lead educator, Jelica Nuccio, is a DeafBlind leader in the Protactile movement and is among those [more…]

Grad Profile: Ruby Van Dyke

Ruby Van Dyke is a 2021 graduate from Santa Rosa, California. Their major is Gerontology: Aging and Older Adulthood.    Why did you choose WOU?  I chose WOU because it is one of two schools in the Northwest (NorCal to Washington) with a bachelor’s in gerontology, and I love the rain more than anything.    [more…]

Grad Profile: Emily Creasy

Emily Creasy is a 2021 graduate from Gladstone, Oregon. She is a Social Science major with a concentration in Political Science, plus a minor in Psychology. She is also WOU’s Honorary Political Science Student of the Year.   What has the experience been like as a transfer student? I transferred from Clackamas Community College. I [more…]

Grad Profile: Emily Beck

Emily Beck is a 2021 graduate from Springfield, Oregon. She is majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Health. Emily is also an award winner from WOU’s Leadership Recognition Month, where she received the Psychology Peer Advising Leadership Award.   Why did you choose WOU?  I chose WOU because it was close to home, affordable, [more…]

Grad Profile: Lily Gallagher

Lily Gallagher is a 2021 graduate from Independence, Oregon. She is a Psychology major with a minor in Gender Studies, and she is an award winner from WOU’s Leadership Recognition Month, where she was given the Abby’s House Social Justice Award.   What has the experience been like as a transfer student? Yes! I transferred [more…]

Why I Chose WOU: Students Share Their Journeys to WOU

WOU sign at the front of campus, glossy black with gold lettering, greenery behind it. Campus appears wet from rain.
The college selection process can be pretty daunting, especially during this time. It’s a difficult decision to make, but thankfully there’s always individuals who are happy to share their experiences. We spoke to WOU students about their college selection process, and their experience at WOU, so far. One Student featured is Hannah Young, a Public [more…]

Explore Graduate Oppurtunites at Western Oregon University

WOU sign at the front of campus, glossy black with gold lettering, greenery behind it. Campus appears wet from rain.
As we get closer to 2021 commencement, some students might be considering pursuing their education further, and, thankfully, WOU offers some phenomenal graduate programs. From MAT programs to a Masters in Contemporary Music, WOU has something for everyone. It is important to note that some graduate programs only specify the necessity of a bachelor’s degree, [more…]

Spanish Degrees and Certificates Open Up Career Options

Western Oregon University’s Spanish Department has three new certificates to help WOU students gain a competitive edge in the job market. The certificates are in Spanish-English Interpretation and Translation, Bilingual/Biliteracy and Social Justice and Service Learning (Bilingual). In addition to these certificate program’s, students can major in Spanish or Spanish Education, and minor in Spanish, [more…]

Juvenile Justice Week Begins October 19

The Criminal Justices Sciences Division is sponsoring Juvenile Justice Week, beginning October 19, with three events happening online. Lived Experiences in the Juvenile Justice System panel discussion Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020 from 6-8pm Register to reserve your space. The panelists: Catherine Jones is an advocate with the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth. She [more…]

WOU Alumnus Police Lieutenant Shines in TikTok Videos

Man next to a police car
Sitting at a table, Western Oregon University alumnus Albany Police Lt. Curtis Hyde ’93 is reviewing paperwork when a colleague walks up to him and then uses a Clorox wipe to clean his bald head. Hyde gives his colleague a quizzical glance while another colleague stifles his laughter. Hyde and his two colleagues joined others [more…]

Alumni Profile: Curtis Holbert

Curtis Holbert graduated from WOU in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in Writing. Holbert is from Burns, Oregon, but currently works as a Title Examiner in Redmond, Oregon.   What is your current position?  Title Examiner. I research deed records, as well as other public record items to issue reports [more…]

Grad Profile: Jennifer Romadka

WOU graduate Jennifer Romadka smiles in her red cap and gown in front of bright pink flowers.
Jennifer Romadka is a graduating Public Policy and Administration student from Beaverton. During her time at WOU, Jennifer has participated in the Honors Program and multiple student leadership positions. What has your experience been like as an Honors Program student? My experience in honors has pushed me academically, personally, and professionally in all the ways [more…]

Grad Profile: Kelsie Greenhill

Kelsie Greenhill is a Public Policy and Administration major with a minor in Spanish. She is from Willamina, Ore. As a notable 2020 graduate, we interviewed Greenhill on her favorite aspects of WOU and fond memories from college.   What has the experience been like as a transfer student? I transferred from Chemeketa Community College. [more…]

Grad Profile: Taylor Dowler

WOU graduate Taylor Dowler smiles in her red graduation cap and gown, and proudly shows off her diploma.
Taylor Dowler is a graduating Political Science student from Portland. She transferred to WOU from Mount Hood Community College, and has actively been involved with numerous extracurricular activities on campus, including Model United Nations and ASWOU. What has your experience as a transfer student been like? I originally obtained my Associates Degree from Mount Hood [more…]

Grad Profile: Emily Swart

Emily Swart is an Interdisciplinary Studies major from Salem, Ore., the two focuses of her major being humanities and social science. As an outstanding non-traditional graduate, we interviewed Swart on her most memorable experiences here, as well as her takeaways from college as a whole.   Why did you choose WOU?  I come from a [more…]

Grad Profile: Leah Coyle

Leah Coyle is a Communication Studies major from Portland, Ore., who has also completed a minor in Humanities. As an outstanding graduate, we interviewed her on her WOU experience, including her favorite memories and the lessons she’s learned.   Are you a first-generation student? What has your experience been like? I am the first member [more…]

2020 Delmer Dewey/Julia McCulloch Smith Award: D-Dré Wright

D-Dré Wright ’20 has a penchant for acronyms, especially one that inspired and guided her success at Western Oregon University. Wright recalls arranging three words in her mind when she finally decided she was going to ACE everything in her life – Accept, Change and/or Embrace it. From competing on three intramural athletic teams to [more…]

2020 Delmer Dewey/Julia McCulloch Smith Award: Monica Cerda Ortiz

Woman with a Homecoming crown
As a first-generation and low-income student, Monica Cerda Ortiz ’20 started her freshman year of college feeling powerless and not knowing where she belonged. That quickly changed as she learned the importance of finding campus groups where she felt represented and supported at Western Oregon University. She is grateful for the WOU faculty, staff, students [more…]

Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Scholarship Recipient: Kenneth Carano

Family in Greece
Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Scholarship winner Associate Professor Kenneth Carano aspires to use his knowledge and status to listen and learn from others’ voices. “Using my white male privilege to be a co-conspirator in working towards giving less-privileged voices a chance to be heard is a critical part of my field’s [more…]

Grad Profile: Erin Ritchie

WOU grad Erin Ritchie smiles in front of red flowers. She is wearing a white floral dress and a brown jacket with matching boots.
Graduating student Erin Ritchie will be completing a degree in Sociology this spring, with a minor in Psychology. Originally from Newport, she transferred to WOU from Linn-Benton Community College, and has been involved with CIP, Abby’s House, and Student Success and Advising during her time at WOU.   Where did you transfer from and what [more…]

Grad Profile: Karina Lopez

Karina Lopez is a Communication Studies major and a Health minor from Independence. As an outstanding 2020 graduate, we interviewed Lopez about her experiences being a first generation student and a leader to her peers in our campus community.   What has your experience as a first-generation student been like? My experience as a first-generation [more…]

Grad Profile: Zoe Noel Cawthon

Zoe Noel Cawthon is a philosophy major from Salem. As a 2020 graduate, we interviewed Cawthon on her most notable memories and life lessons from WOU.   What has been your most memorable class? My most memorable class was Forensic Anthropology with Jerielle Cartales! It has nothing to do with my major, and I took [more…]

Grad Profile: Arianna Stone

Arianna Stone is a Psychology major with a minor in Social Science. She is from Salem, Ore, and originally earned her Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer degree from Chemeketa Community College before transferring to WOU. As a 2020 graduate, we interviewed Stone about her impact on multiple WOU communities, her fondest memories, and her future [more…]

WOU Professor Receives International Recognition

Western Oregon University Assistant Professor and Advisor Brooke Dolenc Nott believes her responsibilities extend beyond assisting students in navigating their college journey and career aspirations. “I want my students to know that I believe in them and that their skills, their specific path, their story is going to fulfill a need in our communities,” she said. [more…]

WOU Alum Jay Bates Graduates From FBI National Academy

World map with country flags in place of each country
After earning his bachelor’s in Business Administration, Western Oregon alum Jay Bates ’93 took a job with a finance company, where he quickly learned he didn’t enjoy the corporate world. As a former WOU baseball player and high school athlete, Bates found himself missing the team atmosphere. He also remembered the advice of a WOU [more…]

Western Oregon University recognized for serving the aging population

Picture of a computer screen reading Never Stop Learning
An assistant professor in the Gerontology program, Melissa Cannon is proud of Western Oregon University’s history of promoting age-friendly values in a variety of ways including encouraging lifelong learning and access to core institutional activities, community partnerships and intergenerational exchanges in teaching and learning. WOU’s dedication and work in this area has resulted in being [more…]

Lessons in the Lessons: Music and Psychology

Music is the answer
There are lessons within the lessons taught in biology to literature to philosophy classes at Western Oregon University. And each lesson can provide us with guidance, insight and knowledge during this uncertain time. Today at WOU asked faculty to share with students and employees some perspective from their subject matter to help us navigate our [more…]

Lessons in the Lessons: Business and Sociology

Mountain with words
There are lessons within the lessons taught in biology to literature to philosophy classes at Western Oregon University. And each lesson can provide us with guidance, insight and knowledge during this uncertain time. Today at WOU asked faculty to share with students and employees some perspective from their subject matter to help us navigate our [more…]

Investigate Career Possibilities at Western Oregon University’s Criminal Justice Career Fair

Two people talking
Western Oregon University students exploring career and internship options should investigate possible leads at the Criminal Justice Career Fair from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Pacific Room at the Werner University Center. “This career fair is an opportunity for students to find where their passion might fit,” Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Jennifer [more…]

Upcoming Lecture Explores the Effects of Spanish Colonization

This Thursday, February 27, the WOU community is invited to attend a lecture by Dr. Sonia Kania titled From Southwest Spain to Southwestern United States: Spanish in the Age of Exploration.  Kania is an associate professor at the University of Texas at Arlington who currently serves as the chair of the Department of Modern Languages. [more…]

Criminal Justice: Taryn VanderPyl Q&A

Dr. VanderPyl smiling at camera, color set to black and white.
Dr. VanderPyl is an assistant professor for WOU’s Criminal Justice Sciences Division.    What is your research/area of focus? What classes are you currently teaching? I am proud to be a big nerd! I love research and teaching, so I could go on and on about both. I am a qualitative researcher, so I spend [more…]

WOU Student Leo Marquez Interns at Marion County DA’s Office

Leo Marquez standing on the stairs in front of the Marion County Courthouse.
At WOU, many students have participated in internships that correlate to their career goals. One of those students is junior Leo Marquez, a Criminal Justice major who completed an internship last fall with the Marion County District Attorney’s office. As a student intern, Marquez informed victims of their rights, provided assistance to these victims, attended [more…]

Get to Know WOU Professors: Dr. Ethan McMahan

WOU is home to many phenomenal professors and faculty members. We had the opportunity to learn more about Dr. Ethan McMahan, chair of the Behavioral Sciences division. Check out his answers below!  What is your research/area of focus? What classes are you currently teaching? My research area concerns how contact with natural environments, versus built [more…]

Congress to Campus Fosters Civil Communication, Engagement and Literacy

U.S. Capitol building with colorful sunset behind it
Western Oregon University Professor Mary Pettenger and Assistant Professor Earlene Camarillo believe the connections each of us makes with people who have different perspectives and opinions allow us to learn and grow as a community. That’s why Camarillo and Pettenger, who both teach in the Politics, Policy and Administration department, collaborated to bring Congress to [more…]

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Oregon’s ratification of the 19th Amendment

Lend your hands to help create a historical record celebrating the 100th anniversary of Oregon’s ratification of the 19th Amendment, which eventually placed women’s voting rights in the U.S. Constitution. Western Oregon University history professor Kimberly Jensen invites campus and community members to make a social justice art panel at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 14 [more…]

Third-Generation WOU Student is Student Leader

Person standing in front of a logo painted on a wall. ASWOU in text with a red torch over the state of Oregon
A third-generation student, Erik Morgan Jr. can pinpoint the events that propelled him from being “only partly politically aware” to being elected Associated Students of Western Oregon (ASWOU) president. At Stayton High School, Morgan Jr. played soccer and acted in school plays. Student government wasn’t on his radar. Not knowing what he wanted to study [more…]

WOU in the News: Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union CEO Retires After 43 Years of Service

Al Strawn with his wife Gretchen.
PALMER— Al Strawn stepped down from his position as CEO of the Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union in October. He is still figuring out what his retirement is going to look like in the coming years but he does know one thing — he enjoys having more time on his hands. “I’m discovering that I [more…]

Southern California Police Department Seeks Recruits at WOU

John Deer and Ed Villarreal
Representatives from the El Segundo Police Department in Southern California visited campus this week in their first out-of-state recruiting trip. They have high hopes for the outcome after taking with Western Oregon University students, many of whom are in the criminal justice program. “We’ve had a great experience,” said Sergeant Ed Villarreal. “We’re meeting a [more…]

Feature: Student Projects Demonstrate Change Is Possible

Politics, Policy and Administration Professor Mary Pettenger wants students to know they can make a difference in their worlds. That’s why she considers her Political Science 355 course to be one of her favorites. The class, Civic Literacy and Engagement, has several components, from proposal writing and project management to media literacy and effective communication. [more…]

Mario and Alma Pastega Excellence in Scholarship Award: Dr. Eliot Dickinson

Eliot Dickinson
Politics, Policy and Administration Professor Eliot Dickinson is a master of being in the right place at the right time. Opportunities have presented themselves to him throughout his life, and he never hesitated in spotting the opening. Dickinson, a nine-year member of the WOU faculty, is the winner of the 2017 Mario and Alma Pastega [more…]

Mario and Alma Pastega Excellence in Teaching Award: Dr. Vivian Djokotoe

Vivian Djokotoe
Vivian Djokotoe, this year’s recipient of the Mario and Alma Pastega Excellence in Teaching Award, says she has been lucky through every stage of her life. Although she’s certainly been the benefactor of Fortune’s smile many times, however, it’s clear that good ol’ hard work deserves the lion’s share of credit for her success. Djokotoe [more…]

Grad Profile: Kaylyn Taylor

This is part of our WOU graduate profile series where we’re featuring students who have been making incredible contributions to the WOU community In this feature, we’re celebrating the amazing accomplishments of Kaylyn Taylor, a psychology major with a minor in Spanish. Kaylyn’s been involved in a lot of different programs during her time at [more…]

Grad Profile: Rosita Olalde

This is part of our WOU graduate profile series where we’re featuring students who have been making incredible contributions to the WOU community One of the first things you notice about Rosita Olalde, though you may not think that it is particularly noticeable at all, is how modest she is. She has a way of talking [more…]

Grad Profile: Laura Miranda

This is part of our WOU graduate profile series where we’re featuring students who have been making incredible contributions to the WOU community Today we’re featuring Laura Miranda, a social science major who made her mark with numerous organizations on campus, including Upward Bound and the Multicultural Student Union. We asked Laura about her time [more…]

Grad profile: Max Norr

Max Norr
This is part of our WOU graduate profile series where we’re featuring students who have been making incredible contributions to the WOU community Senior Max Norr is the creator of “The Record Keeper,” an exhibit and website based on books belonging to Sister Genevieve “Birdie” Lantz. She was a nurse with the American Red Cross [more…]

Senior Allison Yamnitsky charting path for her future

Alli Yamnitsky
If you’d asked Alli Yamnitsky ’17 during her freshman year at Western Oregon University what she saw herself doing after graduation, she probably would have said she’d be a history teacher. The Corbett High School grad lists history among her passions, along with environmental studies, her minor. But fate steered Yamnitsky in a different direction [more…]

Meet new faculty member Dr. Melissa Cannon

Dr. Melissa Cannon
Dr. Melissa Cannon joined Western Oregon University fall 2016 as an assistant professor in Gerontology. She joined WOU after earning completing her Ph.D. in urban studies at Portland State University. Her dissertation was titled Challenges, Experiences, and Future Directions of Senior Centers Serving the Portland Metropolitan Area. We asked her some questions to get to know one [more…]

Civil Rights Film Series kicks off tonight

Citizen King movie poster
It’s winter term at Western Oregon University, and that means the opportunity to learn more about civil rights and the clash of class and race is again upon us. Starting today, the Civil Rights Film Series gets under way on its term-long run, starting with Citizen King, an overview of the life of Dr. Martin [more…]

Mario & Alma Pastega Award in Staff Excellence: Sharyne Ryals

Sharyne Ryals
An unexpected incident led Sharyne Ryals, this year’s Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Staff Excellence recipient, to Western Oregon University. Ryals had always worked in the private sector, and her previous job was at a silicon wafer manufacturer. This industry became an unstable environment to work in, and closed like many other businesses in [more…]

Grad profile: Sarah Duhart

Fully set on going to another college, Sarah Duhart changed her mind last second after being offered a position at the WOU’s Writing Center straight out of high school. She says that she hasn’t regretted her decision one bit because it gave her opportunities she would not have had otherwise. Because of the support provided [more…]

Grad profile: Bella Borja

Bella Borja in her office at PCL smiling
College is never easy especially for those of us that have taken a longer road. Bella Borja is an amazing and personable woman who is graduating in this year’s class of 2016 as a first generation college student. Like many, she has worked her way through college often holding up to two full time jobs [more…]

Grad profile: Sabrina Riggs

Sabrina Riggs
Sabrina Riggs Salem, Ore. Political science major Undergraduate Sabrina Riggs is a graduating political science major. She was born in New York, but with her father being in the Navy, they moved all around the states until he retired. In 2006, she moved to Oregon and has been here ever since. She has been very [more…]

Grad profile: Josh Henderson

Josh Henderson
Josh Henderson is graduating Western Oregon University this June with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Anthropology. Henderson is from Salem, Ore. and chose to attend WOU for the campus involvement and the close relationships with professors that a smaller university can offer. His favorite lunch to treat himself to is Momiji’s; his favorite WOU event [more…]

Grad profile: Emily Peterson

Emily Peterson
Name:  Emily Peterson Age: 22 Major/Minor: Psychology/American Sign Language studies Hometown: Tualatin, Ore. Favorite campus event: Holiday Tree Lighting Best study spot: Beside the piano in the WUC Advice to incoming freshman: “Have fun while you’re at Western, this is your independence. At the same time, be responsible. This school has a lot to offer so set a time to [more…]

Grad profile: Kevin Alejandrez

Kevin Alejandrez
Name:  Kevin Alejandrez Age: 22 Major/Minor:  Sociology/sports leadership Hometown: Independence, Ore. Best study spot: Lounge in the Werner University Center Advice to incoming freshman: “Do your thing! Be honest with what you want from college and go for it.” Growing up in Independence, Alejandrez felt some ambivalence about staying close to home for university and was considering out of state [more…]

Preview: Social Science Symposium on Climate Change

This Spring term the social science division has selected a speaker series on the subject of climate change. The three speakers will be presenting on Thursdays in HWC 301 at 4pm. April 21 “Carbon Fees, Economic Benefits, and Solutions to Global Warming” Dr. Phil Harding from Oregon State University and Dr. Carla Wise from Citizen’s [more…]

Presidential Politics 2016

On Thursday, April 7 the Western Oregon University’s Social Science department continued their Social Science Symposium series with a talk on the 2016 presidential election held by political science professor Dr. Ed Dover. Dr. Dover has written six major books on the presidential election process and teaches everywhere from the basics of national government to [more…]

Preview: Perspectives on Peace

The social science division has a tradition of selecting a speaker series that reflects on major classroom discussions revolving around challenges that the world faces today. Winter term 2016 will focus on Peace. “In Winter 2016, the Social Science Division is integrating the topic of peace in our classes in diverse ways: considering what it means, what [more…]

WOU in the news: A Pod Of Their Own: Washington State Prison Keeps Veterans Together

Color Guard
Story published by KUOW By Patricia Murphy Every morning the flags at Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington, are raised in a color guard ceremony. The 10 men who do the job are inmates and veterans. The ceremony ends with a salute, although the solemnity and reverence can seem strange in this setting. The [more…]

WOU in the news: Polk County pioneer has notorious reputation

Nathaniel and Lucinda Ford
Story published in the Statesman Journal By Capi Lynn From our archives. This story originally was published as part of our Headstones of History series from mid-2002 to early 2007. Nathaniel Ford was a surveyor, schoolteacher, flatboatman and sheriff before emigrating to Oregon. The resourceful pioneer then added postmaster and state legislator to his résumé [more…]

WOU in the news: National statistics on homicide arrests

Story published in the Corvallis Gazette-Times By Anthony Rimel According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in 2013, the most recent year with complete statistics available there were 13,075 murders in the United States. Of those, just over 64 percent of murder cases were “cleared,” meaning that they ended with an arrest, or through “exceptional [more…]

WOU in the news: Emoji aren’t silly – they could actually help the Deaf

love emoji
Published in Wired By Tim Moynihan EMOJI MIGHT BE one of the fastest-growing communication methods of the digital age, but a lot of people probably think the whole thing is silly. Yes, there are very creative rebus-like forms of emoji storytelling out there. No doubt, little pictures of hot dogs and airplanes can really spice [more…]

WOU in the news: Coquille woman among 10 to participate in geography education conference

Taylor Ryan
Story published in the Coquille Valley Courant By Shelby Case COQUILLE — A student at Western Oregon University is one of only 10 Oregon college youth chosen to attend the 100th anniversary meeting of the National Council for Geographic Education. “I feel really blessed to have this opportunity,” said Taylor Ryan, 21. “I just feel [more…]

Associate professor earns advising honor

Polk County Itemizer-Observer Itemizer-Observer staff report May 06, 2014   MONMOUTH — Dr. Lauren Roscoe, an associate professor of psychology at Western Oregon University, has been honored by The Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA) with an Outstanding Advising Award for faculty advising. This marks the seventh consecutive year that NACADA has recognized WOU for [more…]

Alzheimer’s Network offers free educational program

By Capi Lynn Statesman Journal Dr. Rob Winningham of Western Oregon University will present for the Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon a free educational program Tuesday, July 16 at Salem Hospital. The program, titled “Retaining Cognitive Abilities in Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias,” is from 2 to 3:30 p.m. on the second floor of CHEC Building D, [more…]

New WOU program prepares students for gerontology work

Photo: Western Oregon University student Amy Ringering interacts with David Small, Helen Hiebert, Lily Goodwin, Berna Howry and Brownie Fausset during a memory exercise at Dallas Retirement Village. As part of WOU’s gerontology program, students spend time in the community with older adults. / DANIELLE PETERSON / Statesman Journal Statesman Journal By Cara Pallone Grace Hampton [more…]

Gender pay gap is topic of AAUW talk

Statesman Journal The gap between what men and women are paid is the subject of a talk sponsored by the Salem branch of the American Association of University Women. The talk will start at noon Wednesday in Room 103 of the Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem. For information, call Sally Hollemon at [more…]

The doctor and the slave: Profiles of 2 Mid-Valley women pioneers

  Statesman Journal By Jennifer Ross and Keni Sturgeon The Willamette Heritage Center is collecting stories in preparation for installing new exhibits in the historic 1841 Methodist Parsonage. We will install exhibits about Kalapuya history and culture, Salem history and we will open three hands-on rooms — one looking at historic preservation, one about the [more…]

Group mental activities help people with dementia, review shows

By Kerry Grens Chicago Tribune NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A series of group activities designed to stimulate thought, conversation and memory appears to improve the mental functioning of people with mild or moderate dementia, according to a new review of the evidence. “This is good news for the industry,” said Robert Winningham, a professor [more…]

Food Dude: Baking on the rise as therapy for Alzheimer’s patients

The Oklahoman By Dave Cathey The countdown to Thanksgiving is coming to a fast end, so today we focus on some final details to help illuminate your family feast. You’ll find recipes for dressing; gravy; breads; wine recommendations; a festive, seasonal punch for this time of year; and a healthy option for your leftovers. Once the feast [more…]

Guest lecturer talks about History of Women, Gender and War

Idaho State Journal By Jennifer Anthony POCATELLO–Dr. Kimberly Jensen presented at Idaho State University Wednesday evening to faculty, students and community members on “New Directions in the History of Women, Gender and War: Violence, Medical Humanitarianism and the “Affective Turn” in War Studies.” The presentation is part of the War in Society series at ISU which also [more…]

WOU students team with area senior citizens to host gala

Statesman Journal By Justin Much Students taking an upper-division class this spring at Western Oregon University are gaining worthwhile experience by helping some of Monmouth’s most experienced. It’s a match for the ages: Molly Mayhead’s 400-level event-planning class meets Friends of the Monmouth Senior Center (MSC) to collectively stage a fund-raising effort that promotes the [more…]