Peace Corps Offers Life Skills, First Job After Graduation

Amy Watkins
Many Western Oregon University graduates have jobs lined up before they even leave campus. Others plan to go on to grad school or otherwise further their educations. A small group, however, chooses a different route; they enroll in the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps was created in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, and the [more…]

Baumgartner Relinquishes Board Chair but Continues to Serve WOU

Rex Fuller and Jim Baumgartner toast donors at the President's Club dinner.
Jim Baumgartner ‘81, an attorney and Western Oregon University alum, just finished up a four-year stint as chairman of the Board of Trustees. His time on the board is not over, though, as he was also appointed to another four-year term as an at-large trustee. Baumgartner is proud of what the board has accomplished in [more…]

Supporting Students through Leadership Training and Advising

Megan Habermann-Guthrie
Associate Director of Student Engagement Megan Habermann was honored to win the 2018 Frank Harris Outstanding Student Government Advisor Award earlier this year from the National Association Campus Activities, and the kind words shared by her nominators went straight to her heart, she said. Former ASWOU Presidents Cynthia Olivares and Jessica Freeman wrote warm recommendations [more…]

Spanish Professor Supports WOU Near and Far

Western Oregon University Professor Patricia Giménez-Eguíbar
Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics Patricia Giménez-Eguíbar does a decent amount of traveling for work and pleasure, and two of her trips in the past year have been to conferences where she was representing Western Oregon University as keynote speaker. Giménez-Eguíbar teaches Introduction to Spanish Linguistics, Spanish Pronunciation and Phonetics, Spanish for Heritage Speakers and [more…]

Sustainable Building Practices a Priority on WOU Campus

Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center.
Among the priorities listed in the Western Oregon University strategic plan is a section on sustainability and stewardship. Not only does the university carefully manage its natural resources on a daily basis, it also ensures that buildings on campus meet high standards for eco-friendly construction and operation. When Ackerman Hall was built on campus in [more…]

WOU Alum Travels the World but Comes Full Circle

Dwight and Maggie Triplett
Oregon College of Education (OCE) alum Dwight Triplett ’66 is the embodiment of what can happen when you take life’s opportunities as they come. Even today, Triplett embraces the idea that taking chances and saying “yes” can lead you to places you never imagined. For him, that place was Asia, which was a long way [more…]

iLumiDance Tour Melds Dance, Computer Science to Benefit Children

Western Oregon University Dance Professor Darryl Thomas’ latest touring project, in addition to his well-known Rainbow Dance Theatre, has an innovative and ambitious mission: inspiring young children to explore computer coding. Since 2013, Thomas and a troupe have been presenting iLumiDance to schoolchildren visiting WOU. The program focuses on dancers who are wearing black suits [more…]

Feature: WOU Students Explore Globe with Study Abroad Program

When Study Abroad Advisor Akaanchya Pradhan first meets with a student to discuss options for studying in another country, she usually doesn’t know what to expect. Some students have used the program’s online tool to narrow down their options, while others don’t know anything about studying abroad and all its ramifications. Pradhan said she generally [more…]

WOU Master’s Degree from Home? Yes, Please!

Amber Deets
If the idea of attending grad school classes at home while wearing pajamas is appealing, read on. Western Oregon University offers several online master’s degree programs that can completed on students’ own timeline and in the comfort of their own home. The dress code is up to them. One of WOU’s most popular online grad [more…]