Staff Excellence Award: Jeanie Stuntzner

Jeanie Stuntzner
The Mario and Alma Pastega Sta Excellence Award honors a classified or administrative staff member who demonstrates exceptional service to the university. Once nominees are received, a screening committee submits a list of finalists to the president, who then chooses the recipient. Creative Arts Facilities and Program Coordinator Jeanie Stuntzner insists that she uses her [more…]

Excellence in Scholarship Award: Dr. Marie LeJeune

marie lejeune
The Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Scholarship honors a full-time faculty member who demonstrates outstanding creative or scholarly accomplishments. Once nominees are received, the Honors Committee votes by secret ballot on whether there will be a recipient that year, and if so, who the recipient will be. The bookshelves, tables and chairs [more…]

Excellence in Teaching Award: Dr. Peter Callero

Peter Callero
The Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Teaching honors a full-time faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching and relationships with students, both in and out of the classroom. Once nominees are received, a screening committee submits a list of finalists to the president, who then chooses the recipient. When sociology Professor Peter [more…]

Golden Lamp Award: Janine Egan ’18

Janine Egan
From the OHSU School of Nursing, Monmouth Campus, the Golden Lamp Award is based on the American Nurses Association Code for Professional Nurses and the Florence Nightingale Pledge. It is given in recognition of exemplary demonstration of scholarship, leadership, professional commitment, innovative contributions and humanitarian ideals. OHSU School of Nursing’s Golden Lamp Award winner Janine [more…]

Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Alissa McAlpine ’18

Alissa McAlpine
The Outstanding Graduate Student Award honors a student who has demonstrated superior achievements in scholarship and academics, character, leadership and initiative during graduate studies. Last year at this time, Alissa McAlpine was in this same place: at Western Oregon University’s Commencement on a June afternoon. Then, she was gathering her undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of [more…]

Julia McCulloch Smith Award: Sara A. Madden ’18

Sarah Madden
The Julia McCulloch Smith Award is presented to the outstanding female student of the year in the memory of Smith, alumna of the class of 1895, who died in 1930. e award was first presented in 1931. When this year’s Julia McCulloch Smith Award winner for outstanding female graduate, Sara Madden ’18, says she “didn’t [more…]

Delmer Dewey Award: Carter Craig ’18

Carter Craig
The Delmer Dewey Award, presented each year to the outstanding male student, is named for former Dean of Men Delmer Dewey, who died in 1953. The award was first presented in 1954. Like many Western Oregon University graduates, Delmer Dewey Award winner Carter Craig ’18 touts the university’s welcoming nature. For the outstanding male graduate [more…]

Alumni Award of Excellence: Lynn Hamersly ’64

Wayne and Lynn Hamersly
The Alumni Award of Excellence is awarded each year to an alum (living or deceased) for his or her contributions and services to the university and community as well as for his or her distinguished professional work. Lynn Hamersly’s dedication to Western Oregon University—known as Oregon College of Education when she attended—was a positive in [more…]

Grad Profile: Roger Deleon

Roger Deleon
Graduating senior Roger Deleon, from Beaverton, book-ended his college experience at WOU. He started out at WOU in 2010 for two years, then transitioned to community college where he earned two associate’s from Portland Community College, before returning to WOU in fall 2016. Why did you choose WOU? It was cheaper than other schools I [more…]

Grad Profile: Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia
First-generation student Javier Garcia, from Newberg, plans to work in sports marketing now that he’s completed his bachelor’s in Business with a minor in Sports Leadership. Why did you choose WOU? I lost my little brother in a car accident during my senior year of high school. I really didn’t think about college after that [more…]

Grad Profile: Brittany Johnson

Portland native Brittany Johnson, a first-generation Math major with a Math Education minor, is making a big leap after graduation – she’s heading to Nebraska for a Ph.D.! Why did you choose WOU? I was originally an education major, and I knew that WOU was the best placed to be for that. I also wanted [more…]

Grad Profile: Louann Casares

If you asked first-generation student Louann Casares how long it took to complete her bachelor’s in Business Administration and minor in Humanities, she would tell you her freshman year took 24 years and the rest took three. She transferred to WOU from Linn-Benton Community College with credits she earned between 1991 and 2015 and completed [more…]

Grad Profile: Efrain Quevedo-Ramos

First-generation student Efrain Quevedo-Ramos tried a couple of colleges, but found his best fit was close to his home of Dallas, Ore. He’s graduating with a bachelor’s in Business and a minor in Communications. Congratulations, Efrain! Why did you choose WOU? Smaller campus, great atmosphere, and closer to home. What do you love most about [more…]

Grad Profile: Barbara Ettenauer

Not only has Barbara Ettenauer, from Vienna, Austria, completed a master’s in Special Education – she did so in her second language. What do you love most about WOU? I love the beautiful green lawns on campus, the very old sequoia and the library. Why did you choose WOU? My husband is a professor of [more…]

Grad Profile: Brenda Flores

Brenda Flores
First-generation student Brenda Flores, from Stanfield, Ore., developed her interest in advocacy and social change during her time on campus. She earned a double degree in Spanish and Public Policy and Administration, with a minor in Communications. What a combination! What do you love most about WOU? I love how small the classes are because [more…]

Grad Profile: Sophia Dykast

First-generation student Sophia Dykast, from Albany, managed to complete her bachelor’s  in Public Policy and Administration (with a minor in History) in only three years. What an accomplishment! Why did you choose WOU? WOU has a beautiful campus, small class sizes, offered scholarships, and most importantly, had the exact major I wanted. What do you [more…]

Grad Profile: Whitney Gilman

Whitney Gilman
Congratulations to Whitney Gilman, of Salem, for completing her bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in American Sign Language! Gilman transferred to WOU from Chemeketa Community College and is the first in her family to graduate from college.  Why did you choose WOU? I chose to attend WOU because it is close to home [more…]

Grad Profile: Cody Welty

Cody Welty
Cody Welty, from Boring, Ore. (yup, he says it’s a real place), is graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology and a minor in biology. He’s found a great balance of activities and coursework to set him up for an exciting future. Why did you choose WOU? The moment I stepped on the campus, I knew [more…]

Grad Profile: Cynthia Olivares

With grad school on the horizon, Cynthia Olivares, from King City, is just cooling down from a busy and wild undergraduate career that involved student government, Green Dot, planning events and discovering her potential for leadership. We chatted with Olivares all about her time at WOU. What was your Major? Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus [more…]

Grad Profile: Lila Gardner

Lila Gardner holding a pumpkin
We congratulate Lila Gardner class of 2018! A first-generation student from Beaverton, Gardner will be getting her degree in Gerontology with a minor in Human Biology. Why did you choose WOU? For a multitude of reasons. It was affordable, the promise of small class sizes, my partner was studying here, it wasn’t too far from [more…]

Grad Profile: Jessica McCutchen

A prolific composer and musician, those in the Music department know first-generation student Jessica McCutchen, from Springfield, for her dedicated work ethic and her impact on the WOU music community. We talked to McCutchen about her passion for music, her time as an RA, and the best spot on campus to enjoy a good book. [more…]

Grad Profile: Elisa Moore

Elisa Moore smiling
We congratulate Elisa Moore class of 2018! From Days Creek, Ore., Moore will be graduating with a bachelor’s in Gerontology and a minor in Health. Moore is a first-generation student that transferred to Western from Umpqua Community College. Why did you choose WOU? I chose WOU because it is the only university in Oregon that [more…]

Grad Profile: Emily Carlston

Emily is a first-generation graduating senior from Gladstone, Oregon, who is earning her bachelor’s in Earth Science, minor in Psychology, and a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Certificate. She has worked for the Newsflash student social media team in Strategic Communications and Marketing for over two years, and  has  held a position as box office attendant [more…]

Grad Profile: Frank Calzada III

WOU intramural fans and players may know referee and supervisor, Frank Calzada, well. Now gearing up for a graduate assistantship in sports management with Indiana State University, Calzada came in to chat about his experiences at WOU before graduation. Thanks once again for meeting with me! What’s your home town? I’m from Santa Rosa, California. [more…]

Grad Profile: April Mathews

April and Marilyn standing together and smiling for a picture
We congratulate April Mathews class of 2018! As a first-generation student, Mathews will be graduating with a degree in Gerontology. She transferred from Chemeketa Community college and is part of Sigma Phi Omega International Academic Honor & Professional Society in Gerontology. She chose WOU because of it’s proximity and appealing price.  What do you love [more…]

Grad Profile: Ashley Chambers

We chatted with Ashley Chambers, a first-generation Early Childhood Education major from Grants Pass (who’s also earning an English Speakers of Other Languages/Bilingual endorsement). Along with sharing her experiences as a Hamersly Library employee, we talked all about her grad school plans, her favorite spots on campus, and the time she accidentally walked into a [more…]

Grad Profile: Aaron Orr

Arron Orr in a plaid shirt on the beach
We congratulate Aaron Orr class of 2018! From Forest Grove, Orr will be graduating with an major in Earth Science, a double minor in Chemistry and Music, and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Aaron is not the first in his family to get a degree, as his father feature graduated from University of California-Riverside. [more…]

Grad Profile: Ann Marie “Poka” Matagi

Through her time with Kappa Delta Chi, the Multicultural Center, and the Alternative Break program, Ann Marie (nicknamed Poka) has been a fixture on campus since coming to WOU. We chatted with Matagi about her biggest campus inspirations, her experiences traveling to Honduras and Costa Rica, and much more. Matagi, a first-generation student from Medford, is [more…]

Grad Profile: Emily Pahlke

Emily Pahlke, from Clackamas, Ore. is currently working and studying at Western at the same time. She will be graduating with a Master of Science in Education degree with a focus in Informational Technology as well as an Instructional Design Certificate. Currently she is working in the Richard Woodcock Education Center, advising undergraduate education students [more…]

161st Commencement Address by Senator Jackie Winters

Senator Jackie Winters
This year’s Commencement speaker has been a strong advocate in the state Legislature for Western Oregon University as well as for the surrounding the communities of Monmouth and Independence. Senator Jackie Winters represents Senate District 10, an area that includes Monmouth and Independence as well as a large portion of Salem. She was rst elected [more…]