Internships and how to get them

For multiple majors in college there is a requirement to gain internship hours, but if your major doesn’t require you to, is it worth your time to search for one? In short, absolutely. An internship can give you valuable experience in your field and may end in a job offer. It may seem obvious to [more…]

How to Choose a Major at WOU

Freshmen may feel pressure to choose a major before the beginning of fall term, but being undecided is perfectly fine! One of the best parts about college is being able to choose your own classes. Going to class is much more exciting when you are learning about something that interests you! However, this can become [more…]

You Got Accepted: Now What?

Congratulations! You got accepted to Western Oregon University, but you’re not done yet! There are a few things that still need to be done before you begin school in the fall. The first thing you want to do is create a username and password for WOU portal. This will be a very important resource to [more…]

How to schedule an individual campus tour

WOU offers many different visitation programs and Preview Days to give prospective students a chance to see what life on campus is like and a feel for the university. However, there are only so many offered per term. If none of the special visitation program dates fit into your schedule, there is always the option to create your [more…]

What is Your World at WOU?

Registration for “Your World at WOU” ends next Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 5 p.m., but what is “Your World at WOU”? This is a free campus visitation program that allows prospective students to attend information sessions and get a chance to look around the WOU campus. Some of the sessions include Financial Aid and Scholarships, [more…]

The Spring Break Binge Lineup

Spring Break is about being out in the sun, grabbing your flip flops and sun tan lotion and heading to the beach, but not if you’re like me. If you’re like me the house is quiet, you have no homework to do, and it’s finally time to get your binge-watching done that all that work [more…]

Got any plans this summer?

How about considering a summer internship? Believe it or not, it is time to start putting in the work to find and apply for summer internships in the area! There are many ways to find out who’s hiring, and where you should be looking. The first place that you should look is the Western Oregon [more…]

Alternative Spring Break 2016

Have you ever thought about using your spring break to help others? WOU offers many options for alternative spring break and this year our students are really doing some spectacular things. There are four trips slated out for this year that students have fundraised vigorously for. These trips include Reno, San Fransisco, Sacramento, and Portland/Seattle. [more…]

Love…In College

I’m no love doctor, and I can’t give professional advice, but I am a college student like you with experiences, both good and bad when it comes to relationships. When it comes to long-term relationships in college, these are my five tips. 1.Be realistic This is number one for a reason. You’re in college, perhaps [more…]

Love Is…

The weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day can be tough for some. This includes a lot of self pity, discount chocolate purchases, and potentially staying up late watching chick flicks sobbing about the thought of another Valentine’s Day alone. Snap out of it. So many people think of Valentine’s Day as only a day for romantic partners, [more…]

After the Iowa caucus…now what?

If you have turned on your phone, gone online, or passed by any newspaper recently you’ve probably heard about the Iowa Caucus, especially this year.  The presidential election of 2016 has been on news headlines since the beginning of last year and when it comes to politics, no matter what side you’re on, it’s clear [more…]

Water you talking about?

As soon as summer cools down and the leaves start turning, many people start lessening their water intake. During the heat of summer drinking water is essential, and we consume leaps and bounds more to compensate, but when the weather decreases our biological incentive to drink water lessens with it. With this being said it [more…]

DIY #3

Homemade laundry detergent: Ingredients: 1 bar of shaved bar soap 1 cup of borax 1 cup of washing soda Instructions: Stir all ingredients together for 5 minutes. Time to use your homemade laundry detergent! Use 1 tablespoon per load, unless it’s a large/heavy load, then use 2 tablespoons! To store: Store in a sealed container [more…]

DIY #2

DIY- Lip balm Coconut oil is progressively getting more popular. The recipe for coconut and Tea Tree oil lip balm includes the use of coconut oil. This is an easy fun recipe to make your own natural lip balm. Coconut and Tea Tree Oil Lip Balm: 1 cup shaved beeswax (using either a knife or [more…]

DIY Lifestyle

A self sustaining lifestyle can take a little more work than normal but the outcomes can be so helpful and cheap! Some small ideas to achieve a cheaper lifestyle are, making your own lip balm, detergent, growing your own veggies or other food, and much more! Making these items out of your own resources may [more…]

6 Tips for Better Sleep

Do you constantly rely on coffee or Red Bull to stay awake during class? Have you ever found yourself driving while drowsy? Are you unable to wake up without several alarms? Do you just wish you could skip class and take a nap? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may be [more…]

The Zen of Embracing Rejection

Douglas Kenrick, a professor of social psychology wrote a blog for Psychology Today entitled: Zen and the Art of Embracing Rejection ( This blog post mostly addresses individuals who are planning on attending graduate school and pursuing academic careers, yet the message is important for people of all ages and career paths. Kenrick discusses the [more…]

Have no fear, midterms are almost here.

As the halfway point approaches, exams are becoming plentiful and hours of sleep each night are decreasing, but fear not there are tips that could help those fearful days become not so daunting. Here are some simple and effective ways to ease the stress of the upcoming tests and exams. Organization is key It may [more…]

The importance of winding down

College can be a stressful time from pages of notes to quizzes, to that eight a.m. class where one cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it. While studying, reviewing and attending class is of utmost importance at this level of education it is also essential to remember to wind down after a long day of [more…]

Discoveries in Hamersly Library

A review of the novel “The Housekeeper and the Professor” My latest find the in recreational reading section of the library is Yoko Ogawa’s “The Housekeeper and the Professor.” I was originally drawn to book by the cover, for the sole reason that it had cherry blossoms on it that matched the background on my [more…]

Upcoming health fair and blood drive

Wednesday, April 8 the Student Health and Counseling Center will be hosting a health fair in the Health and Wellness Center. There will be free food, resources, and informational workshops. Times run from 12 to 5 p.m. and all students, faculty, and members of Western’s community are welcome, and the admission is free. Along with [more…]

Benefits of exercising

Do you ever feel too lazy to work out? You might want to think twice next time you don’t want to work out because there are multiple benefits of exercising! Not only will you feel better but your body will thank you for it. Physical activity: Lowers your risks for developing diseases Can help you [more…]

Myths and facts about feminism

    On Tuesday, March 3, Kappa Delta Chi and Abby’s House hosted a #FEMINISM workshop as part of the Multicultural Student Union’s “Women of Culture Celebration.” The workshop focused on educating our campus on the misconceptions and history of feminism.   What is feminism? There are multiple definitions for the theory. But the most [more…]

Portland service trip

Service trips have been a vital part of student involvement at Western. Service trips isn’t just community service, but serving the community, growing as a person and being able to reflect on your experience. Maria Vargas, a senior pursuing a double degree in Spanish and social science, has been involved with various service trips within [more…]

What is SAD? Do you have it?

SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder. Have you ever heard of it? Many suffer from this disorder, and it is very common here in the Pacific Northwest. Living further away from the equator makes us have less winter daylight hours. SAD is depression related to the changing of seasons, and is very evident during the winter months [more…]

A Break from the Grind

Eliot Dickinson
Coming down with the winter term blues? Don’t let it get to you. Sometimes we just need a break from the grind, and a new experience to revitalize our lives. Below is a list of fun and cheap things to do in the area surrounding Monmouth. Grab a friend and get going!   Take a [more…]

Action: The Cure for Procrastination

Aleisha Douthitt
Why do we procrastinate? There are several different types of procrastinators. One type is the thrill seeker, who enjoys the rush of energy from finishing something at the last minute. Another is the indecisive procrastinator, who is unable to move forward because they have made themselves exempt from any possible outcome from their lack of [more…]

Gettin’ around: let’s talk about transportation people

Tom Bergeron reading names at Commencement
By Katrina Penaflor   Many students around campus have found themselves without the proper transportation necessary to get themselves to a desired destination. They could be without a car, low on money for gas, unable to drive, or whichever reason and need to find a reliable form of transportation. Luckily, Monmouth and Western have safe, [more…]

Roommates and relationships

Roommate. A simple word that is powerful enough to create a wide variety of responses amongst people. In college, almost every person has the experience of a roommate. Typically beginning their freshman year at the dorms. During New Student Week, Isabella, from the Student Health and Counseling Center, gave a talk about making a smooth [more…]

Kevin’s Super Summer Bucketlist

I just finished my last final of my five classes and I am definitely looking forward to kick back and relax for a couple weeks. I will be taking 2 summer classes but I will still have time to explore and do a majority of the things I want to do. I have one more [more…]

Down to 1 out of 100…

100 days ago I started the 100 Days of Happy challenge- a personal challenge to have at least one moment of happiness for 100 days in a row. Today is the last day of the term, and the final day of my challenge. So what has the last 100 days been like? Well, for the [more…]

Tia’s Summer Bucket List

WOO!! We made it!! Just like everyone else, I am so pumped for this Summer. Warm air, no homework, and days that last longer than ever…how can you not get excited?! Being from Hawaii- where the temperature is Summer all year long- I’m looking forward to doing things that I couldn’t do back home. Here’s [more…]

The Quinntessential Bucket List

I’ve always wanted to use that pun. My first year at university has been filled with ups and downs: but most ups. I’ve met really wonderful people, learned a lot, and made progress with my degree. This has all been amazing, but I’m definitely ready for summer. After my last final (which is Friday, ugh) [more…]

Sara’s Summer Sand-Pail List

  It’s been a fun year here at Western, but I am more than excited to experience another summer. I am shaking in anticipation for all the things summer will bring. I have all sorts of little goals, like to employ my mantra of “letting go” more often, and to smile more in the morning, [more…]


Recently, at the 30th Annual Gay Pride Celebration in Toronto – the largest Pride celebration in North America – a new acronym was announced. Forget LGBT+, forget the asterisk, and add a number and you get the following: LGBTTIQQ2SA. Let’s begin by defining the mouthful: Lesbian: An individual who self-identifies as a woman and has [more…]

Long Distance Relationships: All of Them

When someone says “long distance relationship” maybe you picture a couple going to schools in two different states, or two different countries; even two different continents. How strange is it that the word “relationship” has a certain connotation? A relationship, by definition, means, “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are [more…]