Gabbie Acevedo-Solis ’20

Future educator rises to all challenges  As a senior majoring in middle/high school education with a concentration in social science and a minor in Spanish, Gabbie Acevedo-Solis’ dream job is teaching Latin American history in a language immersion program. Given her strong work ethic and impressive grade-point average, that goal seems well within reach. She’s [more…]


1940s Macy (Elkins) Morse Alma Jean Watkins O’Meara (’42 bachelor’s) later known as Alma Jean Tipley (’65 masters) 1950s Don Carey 1970s Virginia Knapp Susan Esther Sproul 1980s Michael J. Mayfield 1990s Kathryn Meador Cheval 2000s Alan Boitz 2010s Donovan Gregg Marshal Leslie Evan Simonski-Davis   Friends of WOU Emeritus Professor Dr. Louis Edward “Lou” [more…]


1970s Linda Johnston ‘70 just completed 12 years of service on the Woodburn School Board. She has recently been appointed as garden coordinator for the First Presbyterian Church Community Garden. She works with students from Head Start through high school growing food for the local food bank. Sheila Daniels ’75, ’93, retired in 2017 after [more…]

Jeanne Carver ’75

Coach, teacher, businesswoman, and thrives on obstacles  Jeanne (Zumwalt) Carver and her family moved around a lot, following the timber industry’s demand for new access roads to logging sites. “My father was a road contractor,” she explained. “He started his own company. It was a startup way back in the ’50s.” Carver’s mother was a [more…]

Howl Writers and Staff Net Honors- from Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association

Western’s student newspaper was first published Nov. 5, 1923, under the masthead The Breeze. Early editors envisioned the paper as “an organ of expression for all the students” and a way to improve the school, urging fellow students to subscribe so the paper could become a self-sustaining, student-led enterprise. That goal was reached in March [more…]

New Faces on Campus

This summer, Western Oregon University welcomed the new Dean of Library and Academic Innovation Michelle “Chelle” Batchelor. Her work at WOU will be focused on innovative academic resources that meet the demands of current and future students as well as support for faculty members who teach online courses. Batchelor had most recently been the interim [more…]

Big News: Western Oregon University in Salem

In the last edition of Western Edge, we told you about WOU’s expansion into Salem, where the university was leasing classroom space from the Willamette Education Service District. In September, WOU purchased a permanent space in downtown Salem: the historical Vick building on the corner of High and Trade streets. The building will get a [more…]

Community Builder: Bec Williams ’98

While pursuing a degree in health education with a minor in business, Bec Williams ’98 spent all four years at Western Oregon University working at Campus Recreation. Many years later, as owner of Eugene’s Playground Sports, which offers recreational sports leagues for adults, this experience has served her well. “I had a lot of skills [more…]