The Impact of a “Nasty Woman”

Since arriving at WOU, there are very few performances in theatre and dance that I have missed. During this year’s Spring Dance Concert there was a piece that really struck home, as both political and emotional. The efforts of senior student Hayley Ann Evers left me thinking about the piece long after the concert ended. [more…]

49th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Every year the Cannon Gallery hosts the Juried Student Art Exhibition that presses it to its limits. With over 300 art pieces submitted each year, only the top 80 pieces will be displayed. Due to the size of the Cannon Gallery, the student assistants have to get creative with the space. This tetris-like balance is [more…]

Free Art Events Spring 2017

Bullet journal page for expense tracking and memories, decorated with a small, yellow umbrella
As we near the end of the school year and things get busy, it is sometimes good to slow down and take some time for yourself. These upcoming free events might be just the thing you need to take your mind off of your studies for a little bit. MUSIC Free admission May 16 – [more…]

The art of Rick Bartow

Step into a surreal world made of a mixture of pain, passion, and love. Alumnus Rick Bartow lead an interesting life and, like many, struggled with addiction to help cope with trauma, his crutch being alcohol. His art became his escape. Incorporating his heritage as part of the Wiyot tribe, along with all the other [more…]

Winter 2017 Hamersly Library exhibits

In the light of all of the political events that have been occurring, you may feel as if you want to get more involved. The art exhibit on the second floor of Hamersly Library might be filled with the inspiration you need. Titled Free Speech: Culture, Politics, and the Art of Expression, Then and Now, [more…]

Enjoy free arts events this month

As the end of the term approaches, stress can get a bit high. Here are arts events happening around campus  that are free to all WOU Students (some require WOU ID). So mark your calendars and take some time out for you to relax at one of these performances or walk around these art installations [more…]

Costuming for “All in the Timing”

All in the Timing is a unique play composed of six smaller plays and only utilizes six actors, which can make costuming a challenge. Between the quick scene changes and the limited space, the base costume pieces needed to be more plain and rely heavily on accessory pieces for functionality. The actors stay on the stage the [more…]

What is SOAR?

Summer Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) is a way for incoming freshman students to get a head start on integrating into Western. SOAR helps students set up their classes with help from faculty advisers and get used to the new campus. SOAR also aligns students with PLUS Team team members which can help answer their [more…]

Art Club

For many who are creative it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right direction to go and find ways to consolidate all of that creativity into one project, this is where the art club comes in. WOUs Art Club is full of fun accepting environment. You by no means have to be an [more…]

20th Annual WOU Drag Show

A mash of dancing, lip syncing, and looking fabulous, the WOU Drag Show put on by the Triangle Alliance is nothing less than dazzling. It was a well-choreographed show for men, women, and all those who find themselves in between. Though it is not for all audiences, the brash sex jokes and open displays of sexuality [more…]