Internships and how to get them

For multiple majors in college there is a requirement to gain internship hours, but if your major doesn’t require you to, is it worth your time to search for one? In short, absolutely. An internship can give you valuable experience in your field and may end in a job offer. It may seem obvious to [more…]

Ron Wyden visits WOU

As part of his commitment to the state of Oregon, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden visited Western Oregon University on Saturday January 14. Upon being elected Senator Wyden pledged to visit every county in Oregon, every year and as of 2017 has held well over 700 town hall meetings. The major issues presented at the town hall [more…]

The Northwest Passage wants your opinion

The presidential election of 2016 split the country in half and no matter which way you voted, it’s important to have an outlet of thoughts and opinions. The next issue of the Northwest Passage, WOU’s literary and art magazine, will be completely online, and is accepting submissions until December 9. Submissions to this special issue [more…]

Kernsensus Review: The Jungle Book (2016)

Turning a classic book into a cartoon favorite is no easy task, but turning that cartoon into a live action remake almost 50 years after the fact? It’s a risky move, but like all things in life, success normally takes a large amount of risk. With Jon Favreau behind the camera, The Jungle Book shines [more…]

Kernsensus Review: Zootopia

For me, Disney movies have become very hit or miss. In recent years, the company has been digging from the classics and making remakes that aren’t necessarily bad, they just don’t scratch the itch of the original movies. I enjoyed 2015’s Big Hero 6, as well as Inside Out, but I thought Frozen was a [more…]

The Spring Break Binge Lineup

Spring Break is about being out in the sun, grabbing your flip flops and sun tan lotion and heading to the beach, but not if you’re like me. If you’re like me the house is quiet, you have no homework to do, and it’s finally time to get your binge-watching done that all that work [more…]

Love…In College

I’m no love doctor, and I can’t give professional advice, but I am a college student like you with experiences, both good and bad when it comes to relationships. When it comes to long-term relationships in college, these are my five tips. 1.Be realistic This is number one for a reason. You’re in college, perhaps [more…]

The February Five

It’s hard to pick just five movies for one month. Hail, Caesar! – February 5. I have always been a fan of the Coen Brothers from Fargo to Inside Llewyn Davis, I have enjoyed their dark comedies   Deadpool – February 12. Maybe it’s my love of comic books or my immature sense of humor [more…]

Kernsensus Review: Deadpool

What is a hero? What is an anti-hero? And what makes a good redemption story for Ryan Reynolds’ acting career? All are good questions that are answered in the Deadpool movie that is officially released as of February 12. Whether you’re a fan of comic book movies (as I am) or a romantic comedy person [more…]

After the Iowa caucus…now what?

If you have turned on your phone, gone online, or passed by any newspaper recently you’ve probably heard about the Iowa Caucus, especially this year.  The presidential election of 2016 has been on news headlines since the beginning of last year and when it comes to politics, no matter what side you’re on, it’s clear [more…]

Stalking in the Media

In the age of lightening speed multimedia platforms, stalking, especially cyberstalking is becoming more present and relevant than ever before and it expands every year. An advancement of technology and mobile applications has a risk of increasing stalking, and we have to realize that stalking, in any way, shape, or form is not okay. In [more…]

What I wish I knew

When I graduated high school I was convinced that I was done with schooling, I wasn’t a bad student; I just wasn’t a big fan of studying. I went to work and after 6 months of working an over 40-hour work week and no chance of ever being promoted I had gained the confidence and [more…]

A long time ago…

Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center.
2015 will be a year to remember for people who love movies, or want to remember their childhood. In June, theaters were flooded with people from all generations to witness the reboot more of less of their favorite series about dinosaurs and genetics. Jurassic World made a crater at the Box Office, breaking all previous opening [more…]

For the holidays are nigh, and full of lights

A nice way to emerge from the darkness of finals is to brighten your day with holiday lighting. If you’re staying in the Willamette Valley for December grab a friend and check these out! Portland Winter Wonderland Since 1993, the lights held at the Portland International Raceway have been an event for the whole family. [more…]

Thanksgiving traditions

It’s that time of year again when we meet with friends and family, drink eggnog, and and eat turkey and mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving. Each of us celebrates the holiday a bit differently, so we are here to share some of our Thanksgiving traditions. Erin Each November my mom’s side of the family gets together. And when I [more…]

Water you talking about?

As soon as summer cools down and the leaves start turning, many people start lessening their water intake. During the heat of summer drinking water is essential, and we consume leaps and bounds more to compensate, but when the weather decreases our biological incentive to drink water lessens with it. With this being said it [more…]

You auto know

As the weather grows colder car problems are bound to happen, from dead batteries, to flat tires some things are just unexpected and happen at the worst of times. The first instinct most people have is to panic, but have no fear WOU Public Safety is here to help. The vehicle assist program provided by campus [more…]

Getting involved with ASWOU

The ASWOU representative assembly is taking place this Friday October 23 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  and if you are looking for a way to be a part of the whole process there are currently three major sources. The senate If you are interested in getting involved with representing the voice of the students [more…]

Reinstating history

Even though Oregon is not a state to observe Columbus Day it’s a huge step in the right direction that Portland has decided to join the act of abolishing the federal holiday and renaming it Indigenous Peoples Day. It has been a federally observed holiday since 1937, but starting in 1990 when South Dakota decided [more…]

The year ahead

Western Oregon basketball's Tanner Omlid doing a layup.
The thing I like most about Western Oregon University is the ability to be close to everyone. I never have to have fear for a class because the professors are always able to help one-on-one, no matter how discouraged I get, there is always someone just around the corner to lend a helping hand. A [more…]

Have no fear, midterms are almost here.

As the halfway point approaches, exams are becoming plentiful and hours of sleep each night are decreasing, but fear not there are tips that could help those fearful days become not so daunting. Here are some simple and effective ways to ease the stress of the upcoming tests and exams. Organization is key It may [more…]

The importance of winding down

College can be a stressful time from pages of notes to quizzes, to that eight a.m. class where one cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it. While studying, reviewing and attending class is of utmost importance at this level of education it is also essential to remember to wind down after a long day of [more…]

Pathways and Opportunities

Marget Gentle Hall
Tuesday February 17 was a day of opportunity for Western Oregon University as it held an internship and volunteer fair and later that day the student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) had a presentation by a guest speaker. The internship and volunteer fair started at 1 and went until 4 p.m. [more…]